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Building Your Dream On Your Foundation

When it’s time to capture the true essence of a home, an experienced architect can blend the fresh and new with the deep and familiar.

As one of the top full-service architecture firms in the area, NSPJ Architects is experienced in providing creative solutions for a myriad of building types, including remodeling projects. The firm’s award-winning architects bring a depth of experience and knowledge to each design and challenge, striking a balance between modern conveniences and classic touches for each home.

Since 1961, NSPJ has successfully shown how intelligence, experience and innovation in every project from landscape design to custom homes have contributed to a tradition of excellence in service, design and quality. In recent months, NSPJ has seen an uptick in remodeling projects, allowing this team to further embrace unique and interesting ideas while delivering exceptional results.

“We’re all about custom and timeless design, especially for single family homes,” said Kiley Scott Darden, associate principal architect/vice president of NSPJ. “In our process, we recognize the inherent value of team collaboration. Taking our clients vision and inspiration, we work with all team members’ input, including our in-house landscape architects, to produce the best possible end product for the client.”

Darden further noted, “It’s important to identify the desired character of a home, then to strengthen and expand on that. When our job is complete on a remodel, it should be a seamless integration – as if it were always meant to be. The home should look natural and confident in its position, if you will.” 

An impressive example of such integration can be seen in this Sunset Hill home, remodeled to accommodate a growing family.

“This is an older home built in the 1920s and had little renovation work done on it over the years,” said Cheri Beaver, principal architect/vice president of NSPJ who worked on the Sunset Hill home project. “The owners wanted more living space and an updated kitchen and bathrooms.”

One of the most significant contributions Beaver incorporated into this home was an additional 611 square feet in the attic, resulting in two more bedrooms and a bathroom.

“A Tudor style home has steep roof pitches,” said Beaver, who figured out a way to expand the roof construction and add stairs, which replaced the original pull-down stairs, and also create another dormer roof for additional space. Beaver relocated the home office to the main level, making for a laundry room adjacent to the new stairs.

Remodeling projects focus on a variety of requests: empty-nesters who love their home but want to improve its functionality; a family needing an addition to their home; or homeowners who want to update their bathroom, kitchen and basements. NSPJ also has helped create beautiful designs for garage and porch additions. No matter the project, NSPJ approaches each project, whether remodeling or expanding a home, as a collaboration with each client, bringing their design expertise to create a beautiful space.

“Our job is to make whatever we incorporate into the home look like it belongs with the house and was not simply an afterthought,” Beaver said.

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