ASID Trends: Home Offices… In Color

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“With color one obtains an energy that seems to stem from witchcraft”

                                                     ~ Henri Matisse

Do you find yourself in the position of working from home? Are you having a hard time concentrating or focusing on the task at hand? It may be time to unleash the power of color on your production and work performance. The affect that color has on the human psyche has been studied since the early 1800’s. Adding blue to a space can clear your mind and aid in concentration. Yellow can lift your spirit and self-esteem. Green can add balance to your day.

Of course, wall color is a good place to start channeling the power of color, but you don’t need to stop there. There are many colorful home office furniture and décor options available today. When you are looking for a desk, neutral brown tones are not your only alternative. Even file cabinets have branched out beyond that odd almond/khaki or black color. Add a colorful rug and some wall art, and you have set yourself up to be successful, even in the most distracting of times.

1.  Stow 3-Drawer Rolling File Cabinet,     |      2.  Saarinen Executive Arm Chair with Swivel Base,     |      3.  Sunny Path II,     |      4.  Sunny Path III,     |     5.  Stromborg Rectangle Table – 60” x 30”,    |     6.  Terrace Color Sample 2 Rug,

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