Flirting with Spring

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Story by Ashley White of Le Stylo Rouge    |    Photos by Sabrina Osborn

When I heard that Punxsutawney Phil didn’t see his shadow on Groundhog Day and thus forecasted an early spring, I got excited about a change in outfitting. I’ll jump at any early signs of spring to experiment with new vibes for a new season!

Romantic dresses popped up all over the runways last year, and I predict this spring will be no different. I grabbed this pretty pink and white floral number out of my closet as the outfit’s focal point. Now, this dress will definitely feel more at home in May and June, but we’re just flirting with spring in this look, remember?

Enter a cozy, chunky knit sweater in whisper pink to add some levity to the mix. I draped it here over my shoulders, but you could also wear it properly and then use a belt to give yourself a place to tuck the hem. This would create a layered look that doesn’t look too frumpy. But for those days when the temps are solidly in the 60s, a little shoulder drape like I’m wearing here does an outfit good.

wanted to play up the little splashes of green in the floral of the dress, and these sage green Adidas Sambas did just the trick. Sambas are one of the trendiest shoes right now and come in a wide range of color options; I suggest adding a pair to your repertoire if you’re in the market for a new pair of casual but elevated sneakers. The finished result is feminine, a little cottage core, a little street style – and all around flirty.

Want to dress up this look? Opt for a classic pump over a sneaker. I would go for a goes-with-anything nude color or something in the pink family. A dainty cardigan rather than a chunky knit would be a classic touch, while still keeping you cozy. 

Sending wishes of warm weather and early spring blooms your way, KC!

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