Sweet Dreams

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Tired of Counting Sheep?

There are products and technology to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep.

Weighted Comforter

100% Luxurious cotton filled with evenly distributed micro glass beads provides calming and relaxing nights sleep. Duvet loops too!

$140+    :    eliandelm.com

Claude Bluebuster® Blue Light Readers

With or without reading correction, their BlueBuster lenses have Hex-O-Tech technology to ease digital eyestrain and help block your screen’s blue light that could interfere with your sleep.

$125, various frame colors    :    eyeosoptics.com 

Sound + Sleep Machine

30 non-looping nature sounds cancel out distracting noises. Adaptive sound technology and sleep timer. 

$100.25    :    amazon.com

Celliant Performance Sheet Set

Luxurious sateen weave made from blended premium cotton and patented Celliant-infused polyester yarns look and feel amazing while providing wellness benefits.

$66.69+    :    sleepletics.com

Soaps, Bath Bombs, Lotions

Calming, soothing and cozy, wind down your day relaxing in calming waters of the shower or bath. These handcrafted products transform your bath time into a spa-like experience. 

$6+    :    pjssoapsandbombs.com

Emma Hybrid Comfort Mattress

7-zone design supports the entire body with ideal pressure distribution.

$409+    :    emma-sleep.com

Perfectly Snug Topper & App

This 2” dual-climate mattress topper lets you set your personal temperature, and auto-adjusts while you’re sleeping.

$1,199+    :    perfectlysnug.com

The Classic Scrumptious Pillow

Filled with support and softness, these handcrafted pillows also are available in a side sleeper version. 

$129.99+    :    honeydewsleep.com

Yalda Sheet Set

Crafted with extra long, hand-picked fibers to weave the most luxurious soft double-hem stitched sheets. 

$150+, variety of sizes & colors    :    pureparima.com

Glow Light

This self-dimming, warm light helps you wind down naturally for a better, deeper sleep. 

$129    :    casper.com 

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