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As you set out to realize your dream of creating a paradise in your backyard, your first stop should be Aqua Blue Designs, Inc., Kansas City’s premier installer of fiberglass pools and spas. But why is it such an easy decision to go with fiberglass instead of vinyl liner or gunite (concrete)? 

There are few people better equipped to answer that question than Norm Whitted, the owner of Aqua Blue Designs. 

“I’ve come across every argument, every sales pitch you can imagine for every type of pool,” said Whitted, “and it’s the durability and ease of care of fiberglass that really sets it apart.”

The average inground pool liner will last fewer than 10 years before it needs to be replaced, and when it comes to concrete, the question is not whether it will crack, but when. That means gunite pools need to  be resurfaced and maintained regularly. Fiberglass pools, on the other hand, have much more robust longevity. A high-quality, professionally installed fiberglass pool can have a lifespan of over 50 years. Plus, they require far less upkeep than concrete. 

Whitted is confident that fiberglass is the way to go, which is why Aqua Blue Designs only installs fiberglass pools, and it’s why they’ve been doing so for 24 years. 

“I’m fully committed to the product I sell,” noted Whitted, “I don’t sell other kinds of pools. When you go with me, you are getting my experience as a builder.” 

When getting a pool, you certainly need to think about using the best pools and equipment available; but also, you want to make sure that you’re partnering with the best installer. Aqua Blue Designs is committed to providing that to you, and they know that customer service is the key. 

“When you think about being a pool builder, you’re selling yourself more than anything,” noted Whitted, “your customer service means much more than what brand of pool you sell.”

While some installers may be content to install a pool and move on to the next job, Aqua Blue Designs isn’t satisfied with that approach. Whether it means opening and closing your pool at the beginning and end of each season, providing maintenance on equipment, or giving advice on chemical levels, they are enthusiastic about your satisfaction with the project long after you’ve taken your first swim. 

“When we open and close pools,” added Whitted, “it gives us an opportunity to check on our work and to get valuable information on the equipment we’re using. That way, we can make sure we’re providing the best service possible and using the best products available.”

Whitted went on to say: “Staying involved with the pool after the installation is finished is one of the things that sets us apart. We stay engaged with our customers.”

Aqua Blue Designs doesn’t just provide excellent customer service installing high-quality fiberglass pools, though. They also offer a wide variety of accessories and add-ons, from automatic pool covers that ensure your pool is safe and clean, to heating and cooling systems that keep it comfortable all year round, to tanning ledges and beach entries that provide a place to relax and splash. Plus, with  hundreds of sizes, shapes, and colors  from some of the world’s best fiberglass manufacturers to choose from, they can tailor the project to your preferences, helping you bring your fantasies out of your imagination and into your backyard.

When you’re ready to pursue your dream of owning your own pool, Aqua Blue Designs is here to make that dream a reality. 


Aqua Blue Designs prides itself on being a trendsetter in the backyard pool business. One of the exciting new trends they are embracing is the ability for pool owners to remotely monitor and control their backyard oasis with a smartphone. With the right equipment, you can turn your pool lights on or off, check the chlorine levels, or even adjust the water temperature, all from the comfort of your couch. 

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