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Revitalizing a nostalgic sanctuary, a complete renovation transforms this Lake Quivira residence into a modern masterpiece.

Story by Ann Butenas     |     Photography by Matt Kocourek

Undertaking a home renovation is not just a mere facelift; it’s a transformative journey that breathes new life into a space while enhancing its functionality and value. Beyond cosmetic improvements,  renovations offer the chance to modernize outdated features, improve energy efficiency, and tailor the home to better suit the lifestyle of its inhabitants. In the scenic community of Lake Quivira, a couple embarked on such a task with admirable determination and vision, ultimately achieving enviable results. Through meticulous planning and collaboration with skilled professionals, they rejuvenated their home, infusing it with contemporary elegance while honoring its rich heritage. The end result? A harmonious blend of old-world charm and modern sophistication, creating a space that truly feels like home.

A  J o u r n e y  o f  T r a n s f o r m a t i o n :

Lake Quivira Home Gets a Modern Makeover

Renovating a home can be a daunting task, but for the owners of this Lake Quivira residence, it was a labor of love. The owners inherited the residence from the husband’s father. Built in the late 1970s, this was his childhood home. Over time, it began to show its age after the husband’s mother passed away several years ago, followed by his father’s passing a few years later. The owners wanted to preserve the memories of the past while creating a brighter and more modern home for the future.

“We knew we needed a good team to help  us, so we turned to Renovations by Starr Homes to guide us,” said the owners. The couple spent a great deal of time cleaning out the home and found many interesting treasures in the process. They then prepared the spaces within for a total gutting and the team got to work. 

The couple’s primary goal was to bring as much light into the home as possible by expanding and adding many windows. To achieve this, certain walls were pushed out, and they were able to bring in greater light, creating an entirely new look and feel to the home. The upstairs area also enjoyed a facelift, with a closed-off attic space just off the landing of the main staircase transformed into a bright and airy sitting room complete with skylights, creating a fun and cozy sitting area. 

“This space is now so bright and light,” smiled the owners.

The master suite, located on the main level, had the back wall pushed out by eight and a half feet, creating additional space with which to work. The basement, originally finished in the late 1990s with a bathroom, sitting area, and kitchen, has now added a storage room, two bedrooms and an entertainment room. Additional new bathrooms include one on the upper level of the home and a bathroom and a powder room on the main level, with a half bathroom located under the new garage.

The culmination of the entire renovation project proved to be an unequivocal triumph, resulting in a stunning home that seamlessly merges modern aesthetics with cherished memories from the past. The collaborative effort of the dedicated team behind the transformation went above and beyond, leaving no stone unturned to ensure the couple’s vision was brought to fruition with utmost precision and care.

P r e s e r v i n g  H e r i t a g e ,  E m b r a c i n g  M o d e r n i t y :

A Renovation Story by Starr Homes

Tim Mika, project manager with Renovations by Starr Homes, embarked on a truly special endeavor with a project that became close to the heart: the complete renovation of this cherished childhood home. Built in 1978, this Tudor-style residence held sentimental value for the homeowner, who inherited it and envisioned a transformative renovation to bring it into the modern era while preserving its nostalgic charm.

With meticulous planning and dedication, Mika and his team embarked on a comprehensive overhaul, gutting the house down to its bare bones while retaining the original basement. The master suite and music room were extended to the rear by eight and a half feet also creating more space in the lower level, with the addition of a suspended concrete second two-car garage with workout room and extra basement garage below. enhancing its functionality and appeal.

One of the standout features of the renovation was the preservation of key architectural elements, such as the original stone fireplace and cedar posts, which served as a poignant homage to the home’s storied past. Mika’s attention to detail extended to every aspect of the renovation, from the reclaimed brick front porch to the German schmear applied to the chimney and turret, adding character and authenticity to the exterior.

Inside, the transformation was equally impressive, with walls removed to open the kitchen and create a brighter, more spacious living area. Additional bedrooms and an enhanced music room were seamlessly integrated into the design, while a truss beam in the sitting room added structural integrity with a touch of rustic elegance.

Throughout the project, Mika worked closely with the homeowners, overseeing every detail from start to finish. Collaborating with Gerry Starr, president of Renovations by Starr Homes, he navigated the complexities of the renovation with skill and finesse, ensuring that the vision for the home was brought to life with precision and care.

Despite the challenges posed by the renovation, Mika found immense satisfaction in the process, noting the joy of seeing the transformation unfold and the opportunity to work with a talented team of tradespeople. For Mika and Renovations by Starr Homes, this project was not just about renovating a house — it was about honoring a legacy and creating a home that would be cherished for generations to come.

T r a n s f o r m i n g  a  T u d o r  H o m e :

Into a Timeless Oasis of Contemporary Elegance and Historic Charm

Mark Sudermann, the visionary behind SID & Company, Sudermann Interior Design, has left an indelible mark on a remarkable project, creating a fusion of diverse design elements. Describing the home as a testament to the harmonious coexistence of tradition and contemporary flair, Sudermann embarked on a journey to rejuvenate the essence of Tudor architecture for the 21st century while preserving its sentimental value to the homeowner.

Throughout the project, Sudermann endeavored to infuse the home with an ambiance of lightness, both aesthetically and functionally. Collaborating closely with Renovations by Starr Homes, Sudermann meticulously crafted spaces that seamlessly blend the old with the new, ensuring each room served its purpose optimally. His keen eye for detail and dedication to preserving cherished artifacts led him to repurpose an old area rug into a vibrant ottoman for the living room, infusing it with a pop of color while paying homage to the home’s heritage.

One of the focal points of Sudermann’s transformation was the kitchen, where he masterfully integrated practicality with elegance. With a 15 1/2-foot-long island anchoring the space, he ingeniously butterfly-cut the stonework to maintain structural integrity and visual appeal. The result is a culinary haven boasting ample seating, storage, and a striking quartzite countertop adorned with intricate veining.

“I love the kitchen, as that is the hub of the home,” said the owner. The owner also adores the front porch, which now stands where one of the original garages used to be on the front of the home. It is one of her absolute favorite spots, and she enjoys spending time out there when the weather is decent.

In the master bedroom and bath, Sudermann’s meticulous attention to detail shines through in every facet of design. From the library-style paneling in the turret in the foyer to the porcelain tile flooring with a marble aesthetic in the master bathroom, every element exudes a sense of timeless sophistication. Modern touches, such as brass and black pendants illuminating the bedside tables in the master suite, seamlessly blend with the home’s overarching theme of understated luxury.

Reflecting on the transformative journey of the home, Sudermann radiates a sense of pride and satisfaction. “I love the transformation and story of this home,” he exclaims, a sentiment echoed in every meticulously curated detail. Indeed, Sudermann’s dedication to honoring the past while embracing the future has resulted in a home that not only captivates the eye but also nourishes the soul with its rich tapestry of history and modernity.


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  • Architect: Marshall Home Designs
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  • Flooring Carpeting: Carpet Source
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  • Garage Doors: Raynor Garage Doors of KC
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  • Glass & Mirrors: Fountain Glass
  • Hardware: Locks & Pulls
  • Heating & Cooling: Mike Bryant Heating and Cooling
  • Light Fixtures: Wilson Lighting
  • Lumber: Premier Building Supply
  • Paint: Benjamin Moore
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  • Plumbing: iPlumb KC
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  • Roofing: Bill Davis Roofing
  • Specialty Painting: Devon Himes Studio
  • Staircase Railings: Builders First Source
  • Stone Company: Jonathan Jones Masonry
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  • Landscaping, Hardscaping, Landscape Lighting: Next to Nature Landscaping
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  • Gutters: Gutter Cover Kansas City
  • Custom Front Door Awning: Lost Path Iron
  • Deck: The Decksperts KC

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