Historic Showhouse Unveiled

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Historic Showhouse Unveiled

Discover Timeless Elegance in Kansas City’s 54th Symphony Designers’ Showhouse, Fusing Tradition with Modern Charm.

Story by Ann Butenas    |    Photography by Matt Kocourek

The Showhouse tradition in Kansas City has endured as one of the country’s longest running, organized by the Kansas City Symphony Alliance to support the Kansas City Symphony. This year’s 54th Symphony Designers’ Showhouse promises to be truly remarkable, blending tradition and contemporary charm for an unforgettable experience.

Home exterior courtesy of KCSA

A Storied Residence in Roanoke Historic District

Nestled at 1100 Valentine Road in Kansas City, Missouri, the 54th Symphony Designers’ Showhouse is a magnificent  Rustic Tudor Revival residence, with its roots dating back to the early 1900s. It’s admired for its distinctive rock-faced coursed stone construction and proudly resides within the Roanoke Historic District, a place of historical significance listed on the Kansas City Register of Historic Places.

Originally owned by Albert E. Holmes and his wife May, who played pivotal roles in the Roanoke Investment Company’s development, the house has an interesting history in this area. During the 1930s, it was home to the renowned artist Thomas Hart Benton, who hosted luminaries like Jackson Pollock, Grant Wood, and John Steuart Curry. The house continued to change hands over the years; however, it was Scott and Rhonda Burnett who called this splendid residence home for an impressive three decades before passing it on to its current owners, Brian Cahill and Mindy Goodman.

A Legacy of Memories and Community

The Burnetts have cherished the home and the Roanoke community. “We have treasured our years in this home, nurturing our family here. Our affection for both the home and the area has deepened over time; it is an enchanting place,” warmly expressed Rhonda.

Their heartfelt wish for the new owners is that they discover as much joy in residing here. Brian and Mindy are already excited to uphold cherished traditions like hosting the annual neighborhood Halloween party, which the Burnett’s enjoyed doing each year in their home.

Mindy and Brian’s Dream Home: A Symphony of History and Inspiration

It all started for Mindy and Brian when they were invited to a wedding at this captivating home a couple of years ago. Without stepping inside, Mindy instantly fell in love with it and suggested to Brian that they should consider it if it ever went on the market. What truly enchanted them about the house was the expansive lot, surrounded by serene trees, creating a feeling of being in the countryside. This new home provided Mindy with ample space for her artistic pursuits, sparing Brian from the chaos. 

The house’s rich history added to its allure, as it had been carefully preserved and remembered by many. The house holds subtle reminders of the past, such as the patina on the original door handle and the wear and tear on the tiles. Because some of this history of the home had connections to famous artists, it made it even more enticing to Mindy.

When it came time to purchase the home, fortunately the house was in excellent condition, requiring mostly cosmetic changes. While Mindy and Brian hadn’t initially planned a designer showcase, their curiosity led them to consider it as a practical way to address everything at once, which excited them.

Mindy and Brian enjoy attending symphony events several times a year and are pleased to support the symphony. The house itself is a masterpiece worth experiencing. Their extensive network of family and friends means they will be hosting holiday dinners in the future, creating cherished memories in their new home.

A Kitchen with Timeless Appeal

Billie Deatherage, owner of Deatherage Home Designs, commemorates her 25th year in business, reflecting on her longstanding friendship with the Burnetts and the transformative kitchen remodel she crafted for them in 2001, seamlessly blending modern updates with historic charm. With a focus on preserving architectural integrity, Deatherage’s timeless design incorporated traditional cherry cabinetry, soapstone countertops, and a marble backsplash, creating a functional and visually appealing space that remains relevant today.

For this year’s tour, Deatherage plans to refresh the kitchen, collaborating with new owner Mindy to update lighting, paint colors, and appliances while maintaining the original remodel’s quality materials. Louise Meyers of Pryde’s Kitchen Necessities will enhance the space with carefully curated accessories and décor, ensuring a harmonious balance of style and functionality. The kitchen’s centerpiece, a built-in hutch where the stairs once stood, exemplifies Deatherage’s commitment to blending old-house charm with modern amenities, featuring vintage hardware, seeded glass doors, and ornate millwork that serves as both a focal point and a practical storage solution.

Showhouse Tour Dates:  April 27th – May 19th

Learn more at showhouse.org

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