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Scott Bickford, a true master of architectural design, stands at the helm of the acclaimed Bickford & Company Residential Architects. As the owner and founder of this award-winning firm, he leads a team of like-minded visionaries, fostering collaboration to breathe life into the most innovative and thought-provoking designs for their discerning clientele. Beyond the skilled professionals that make up his team, Bickford himself infuses every project with inspiration, delight, and a touch of intrigue.

When asked to define his unique design philosophy, Bickford coined the term “personal architecture.” He explained that   it encapsulates the concept of tailored residential architecture, developed through a holistic approach involving not only his team of expert designers but also the builder and, most importantly, the client. With over four decades of experience, a membership in the American Institute of Architects, and an associate member of the Home Builders Association, Bickford takes immense pride in crafting custom designs that revolve around the client’s needs and preferences.

Bickford’s passion for his work transcends merely designing speculative homes. He relishes the opportunity to engage with homeowners and understand their unique lifestyles. This connection fuels his creative process, drawing inspiration from various sources, such as industry publications, his travels across the country, and the individual input of clients.

“I enjoy the people and learning about their lives and lifestyle and then trying to determine how to accommodate their needs through the architecture and design,” emphasized Bickford.

Despite the thousands of projects completed over the years, Bickford remains committed to continuous learning and growth. His unwavering motivation stems from the belief that homes reflect our lifestyles. Thus, he listens attentively to clients, striving to fully grasp their desires and how they intend to inhabit their homes.

Regardless of a client’s priorities, Bickford dedicates himself tirelessly to transform dreams into reality. However, he cautions that budget constraints can present challenges for some. He encourages clients to be realistic about their financial limits and to explore what their budget can genuinely achieve. As such, Bickford advises clients to align their priorities, cautioning against placing excessive importance on elements that can lead to budget overruns.

“I encourage clients to tour a million- dollar home to see what a million dollars will get them,” Bickford advised. “It is important to be familiar with what things cost and to be more realistic about how that impacts your budget. Everything is way more expensive than you might think.”

Irrespective of the vision, budget, or desired lifestyle, Bickford and his team maintain an unwavering focus on each client and a deep understanding of the project’s environmental context. This ensures every client receives a meticulously crafted home that aligns perfectly with their vision. Sometimes, this may entail a shift in a different direction that still leads to the desired outcome.


Many individuals continue to prefer white for cabinets, counters, and exterior finishes on their homes, although a growing number are beginning to explore alternative options.

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