ASID Trends: Welcoming Sanctuaries

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Welcoming Sanctuaries

Style trends for 2022 are gearing toward creating a welcoming sanctuary for family and friends.

The atmosphere of our homes has never been more important. Bringing nature inside, especially during the cold months, fosters a fresh warmth and lightness. Natural wood is back, but with matte stain finishes rather than dated glossy looks. Grey tones in the floors and walls have given way to neutral beiges with a hint of brown. Indoor trees and greenery complement these tones and add a welcome burst of color.

Monochrome looks can be modernized through complex textures of many different shades in the same family. Add focal pops of color, using books, pillows, lampshades or other accents which are pleasing and complete the design. Cabinets throughout the house can benefit from a tonal mixture of bold colors and natural, matte finishes. Look for oversized lighting pendants to update the look.

In 2022, balance is key. As you refresh your space, try to harmonize the need for community and personal spaces with beautiful standing screens or new architectural elements.

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