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Less is More, Love it Large Locally


l-r: Tom Corbin’s Painting “Grand Canyon at Sunrise”;  Corbin Bronze “Helena”;  Kathy Barnard “Champions of the Race”, photo by Hollis Officer Studio

What draws you into a room or setting is impact with powerful imagination. Walk the streets of Europe or Disneyland then turn a corner and something beckons you to move forward.

“Art intrigues the senses,” JC Nichols shared this understanding. Look around Kansas City and see the arts through the streets and parks. These finer details had to imported.


l-r: Wolfie, Photographer local, photo by James Maidhof;  Ruthie Becker, local;  Deck the Halls with Visions of Art, photo by James Maidhof

You want more, so bring it home with creative intent, be ”Purposely Creative,” show the Wow Factor when introduced to the surroundings.

Kansas City is loaded with exciting talented artists from world renowned artists to local artists that create gems for your home. Don’t purchase the $200-$300 small art. Save the money and purchase large pieces of local art. Paintings, metals, glass art, choose the medium that best enhances the space. You’ll love your space, support local artists & enjoy your find.


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