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Benmar Construction

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In the world of luxury home construction, Ben Sumada stands as a remarkable figure, crafting awe-inspiring contemporary residences that blend modern aesthetics with timeless elegance. Raised in the business of home building, under the mentorship of his father, Mark Sumada of Suma Design, Inc., the younger Sumada embarked on his own journey a decade ago, leaving an indelible mark on the industry with his award-winning designs. One of his most celebrated creations, the Cypress, is a testament to his exceptional talent for seamlessly integrating light and dark elements, presenting a masterpiece that captivates and inspires.

As a second-generation builder, Sumada was immersed in the art and craft of home construction from an early age. He grew up watching his father work on projects, absorbing valuable insights about architecture, design, and the meticulous attention to detail required to create exceptional homes. Armed with this wealth of knowledge and an unyielding passion for contemporary design, Sumada aims to forge his own path in the realm of luxury residences.

The Cypress, a jewel in Sumada’s portfolio, is a testament to his evolution as a builder. Embodying the essence of contemporary luxury, this reverse story and a half floorplan spans approximately 3,100 square feet, featuring two bedrooms upstairs, two bedrooms on the lower level, and three and a half bathrooms overall. Upon first glance, its elegant facade invites admiration, with clean lines and a sophisticated exterior setting the tone for the modern marvel that lies within.

“We released this in 2022, and it has become one of our most popular plans,” noted Sumada.

The Cypress is definitely a crowd-pleaser, as evidenced by the awards it garnered in last year’s Parade of Homes: Second Place in Distinctive Plan Design and the Gold Award Pick of the Parade.

Once you step through the front door, you will understand. Sumada’s artistic touch shines as the predominantly white color scheme provides a canvas for the strategic placement of contrasting black and brass accents. This artful harmony creates a seamless flow throughout the space, allowing each element to stand out while contributing to the overall cohesion of the design.

The front door is a work of art, with its geometric rain glass design. As you cross the threshold into the foyer, a striking chandelier hangs above, providing a balance of light and art with multiple LED rings tied together, in harmony with the black and brass accents. Not to be outdone, the custom-fabricated, powder-coated black metal handrails of the staircase separate with upper and lower levels with a decided layer of style.

The nearby great room sets the stage for comfort and style. Porcelain tile that gives the appearance of marble artfully frames the linear fireplace and also punctuates the backdrop behind the contiguous bookshelves.

Just beyond the great room, accessed by French doors, is a fully covered 12’ x 17’ deck with 13’ ceilings.

The kitchen boasts a lighter palate with black accents, white quartz countertops, white oak floating shelves, and white oak flooring. The pendants hanging above the island and the shiplap ceiling above add to the uniqueness of the space.

The master suite, a private sanctuary within the home, is the ideal place in which to retreat at the end of a long day, most notably when it comes to the spa-like bathroom. The open shower is accented by LED lights around the upper ledge with a quartz top on the bench and hexagon floor tile. Through this design, Sumada has showcased his ability to blend aesthetics and functionality, setting forth a feeling of comfort and indulgence.

“This master bath turned out amazing. It might be my favorite room in the house!” emphasized Sumada, also referencing the marble-look ceramic tile with the white oak accent tile framing the shower that gives the appearance of wood.

The Cypress stands as a testament to Sumada’s commitment to crafting exceptional homes that redefine contemporary living. His blend of design proficiency, technical know-how, and dedication to client satisfaction has earned him a stellar reputation in the realm of contemporary homebuilding.


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