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This time of year we are all thinking of spending time outside and shopping all the options to make our outdoor living space the ultimate. But where do we start? There are a few questions you should ask yourself before investing in a set. 1. What is the use?  Comfort, or more function?  2. What is your budget? That can be a dilemma because the furniture is exposed to the elements and will wear quickly if you don’t go with the higher quality materials.

3. What color/style do I buy? This one is easily answered.  Always look for the set that will blend with your surroundings. If you have colorful trees and flowers all around, feel free to purchase a set with vibrant color to it.  Or if you’re not sure, buy a neutral set and purchase vibrant accent pillows. If you have a space that is green and very serene, look for a set that is similar in nature. Keep in mind to let the outdoors be the focus, then your purchase will meet your expectations!

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