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Experience a modern twist on vintage elegance inside this stunning Olathe residential renovation.

Story by Ann Butenas    |    Photography by Craig Keene

Step into a world of mid-century modern magic with this stunning Olathe, Kansas home that has undergone a remarkable renovation. The owner, Michael Schnetzer, deeply passionate and knowledgeable about mid-century modern design, worked closely with Tom Stumpff of Stumpff HomeWorks to bring his vision to life. Together, they transformed the home into a beautiful space that seamlessly blends vintage charm with modern luxury.

Purchased from the original owner, this home holds a special place in the new  owner’s heart. Displayed proudly above the bar area is the original rendering of the home, a nod to its rich history and the legacy it carries. While the previous owners maintained the home well, Schnetzer saw an opportunity for a refresh to breathe new life into the space. This approximately 3,000 square foot home offers a mix of functionality and style.

According to Stumpff, navigating the homeowner’s strong knowledge and input was a collaborative endeavor, with Stumpff HomeWorks providing essential guidance and support throughout the process.

“We did have several material design changes throughout the process,” Stumpff revealed. Utilizing the owner’s ideas, the team meticulously translated them   into detailed CAD drawings, refining them to achieve a cohesive vision.

The home underwent significant transformations, with the team moving all the sheetrock except the basement stairwell. Upholding Schnetzer’s vision, Stumpff HomeWorks implemented innovative approaches to materialize his ideas, resulting in a seamless and successful collaboration. The design journey, which commenced in early 2022, culminated in the completion of the project in early 2024 – a testament to the dedication and meticulous planning invested in this renovation.

Originally constructed in the mid-1960s, the home retains its authentic stone elements, trusses, and ceiling lines, preserving its architectural heritage while embracing modern adaptations.

The renovation journey required a complete gutting of the home, stripping it down to its bare bones. Out went the old single-pane windows, replaced with all new double-pane ones to enhance energy efficiency. A new array of features like tile floors, windows, and doors were carefully selected to modernize the space while keeping its mid-century modern essence intact. The owner’s appreciation for the original cabinetry led to its reuse throughout the home, ensuring that the vintage charm was preserved.

“I tried to update this home for me but aimed to keep it true to the mid-century modern vibe,” Schnetzer explained, highlighting the delicate balance between honoring the home’s heritage and his desire to bring it into a modern presentation.

In addition to its impressive features, the home boasts a ¾ bath – formerly a ½ bath – and a ½ bath off the kitchen, delivering convenience and practicality to the living spaces. Stumpff HomeWorks breathed new life into key elements of the home, such as the original hutch in the master bedroom, infusing a touch of nostalgia and historical significance into the redesigned space. A 16-foot built-in shelf system along a hallway provides ample storage and display space, showcasing the perfect blend of form and function.

The twelve-foot sliding doors in the master bedroom, kitchen, and dining room are wood interior pre-finished black Marvin Patio Doors with aluminum black exterior cladding, blending functionality with aesthetics. These doors allow abundant natural light to flood the home, creating a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor spaces, enhancing the home’s sense of spaciousness and openness.

The kitchen proved to be the most challenging space to rework. With two walls torn down to accommodate structural changes, including the installation of a truss to support the weight, the transformation was nothing short of an engineering marvel. The black-stained oak cabinets now anchor the kitchen, complementing the Ying and Yang of the aesthetics between the space and the adjacent dining room. The public areas of the home boast a lighter ambiance, while the private spaces evoke a moodier, more intimate feel.

Illuminating the dining room is a captivating light fixture by Santa and Cole Tekio, crafted from rice paper with an embedded LED strip, serving as the focal point that grounds the space. To complement this aesthetic, laser lights installed above the kitchen create a futuristic allure, conceived by Schnetzer to infuse the space with contemporary flair.

The master shower is a sanctuary of relaxation, boasting a spacious design with a window that invites natural light to illuminate the space. Minimalist in style, the shower features all the necessary controls for personalized water features, delivering a Zen-like experience. Additionally, the bathroom flaunts luxurious amenities such as heated floors, walls, and a bench, culminating in an atmosphere of indulgence and comfort. The frosted window, integrated for functionality, adds to the elegant design. 

Further, the master bathroom vanity, adorned with a blue fabric front, exudes a touch of Japanese influence – a recurring theme seen in various areas of the house that was the owner’s idea. From the hallways to the kitchen cabinets and the bench seat in the dining area, the Japanese-inspired elements create a cohesive and harmonious vibe that ties the entire home together.

According to Stumpff, a notable challenge during the renovation was revamping the master bath. Precision was paramount in laying the penny tile that adorns the walls and ceiling, creating a stunning visual effect.

Schnetzer emphasized the key to creating a warm and inviting atmosphere lies in the thoughtful selection of lighting fixtures that not only illuminate but also serve  as focal points in each room. From the sleek pendant lights in the kitchen to the statement chandelier in the  dining room, each fixture adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to the space. The strategic placement of lighting sources ensures that every corner of the home is well-lit and accentuated, creating a welcoming ambiance throughout.

“Any mood you want in this home, you can get it,” he expressed.

Reflecting on his new abode, Schnetzer further noted, “This is the most at home I have ever felt.” 

As he settles into his newly transformed space, the homeowner revels in the realization of his design dreams. With every detail meticulously considered and every element thoughtfully chosen the home stands as a testament to his unwavering commitment to creating a space that not only reflects his personal style but also embodies the essence of mid-century modern design.

Visitors to this remarkable space will undoubtedly be inspired by the attention to detail, the harmonious integration of historical charm with modern amenities, and the overall sense of warmth and sophistication that radiates throughout the home. Stepping through the doors of this beautifully renovated mid-century modern masterpiece is to step into a realm where past and present converge seamlessly, creating a timeless sanctuary that celebrates the very best of design, craftsmanship, and individuality.


  • Builder/Contractor: Stumpff HomeWorks
  • Interior Designer: Michael Schnetzer [homeowner]
  • Appliances: Factory Direct Appliance in Lenexa
  • Cabinets: Century Wood Products
  • Countertops: MSI International
  • Countertop Fabrication: Central Surfaces
  • Doors: Kansas City Millwork
  • Drywall: Lee Drywall Plaster & Stucco
  • Electrical: Stumpff HomeWorks
  • Engineering: Bob D. Campell & Co
  • Flooring Carpeting: Tyrer Wholesale Flooring
  • Flooring Hardwood: Acme Floor Company
  • Flooring Rugs: Dining Room – Room & Board, Living Room – Crate & Barrel
  • Framing: Schelp Construction
  • Furniture: John A Marshall, DWR
  • Garage Doors: Radio Controlled Garage Door and Gate
  • Glass & Mirrors: Westport Glass. DWR
  • Hardware: Buster & Punch, Baldwin Minneapolis, Cavilock’s CL 400
  • Heating & Cooling: City Wide Heating and Cooling
  • Home Security: Unifi Protect
  • Home Theater: Sonos System Used Throughout
  • Insulation: The Hayes Company
  • Light Control: Bravas KC
  • Light Fixtures: Kitchen Lighting – PureEdge Lighting, Dining Room Chandelier – Santa & Cole, Bar Pendants – Buster & Punch, Powder Room Pendant – Tom Dixon Melt Pendant, Master Vanity – DCW
  • Paint: Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore
  • Painter: Color Splash / Stumpff HomeWorks
  • Plumbing: Iplumb KC
  • Plumbing Fixtures: Ferguson Enterprises
  • Roofing: Patriot Metal
  • Steel: Al Stevens Construction
  • Stone Company: AKA Masonry
  • Tile: Virginia Tile, ProSource KC West
  • Tile Installation: Eddie Cummings Tile
  • Window Coverings: The Shade Store, Restoration Hardware
  • Windows: Kansas City Millwork

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