A Springtime Set

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Story by Ashley White of Le Stylo Rouge   /    Photos by Sabrina Osborn

Full-blown spring is in effect in Kansas City!

And with that comes some different outfitting options to perk up your style for the season. One way to achieve fashion excellence without the fuss? A springtime set!

I love a set for many reasons, but the main one is that it makes getting dressed so easy. (And who doesn’t love easy?!) The set does all the work for you – just throw it on and then spend the rest of your styling energy on accessories.

This pink and white crochet set is the perfect spring outfit. The long sleeves make it wearable for those cooler spring days, or when you’re going in and out of chilly office buildings. Speaking of offices, this skirt is long enough to get the nod of dress code approval from HR but still short enough for a sassy date night look.

Now let’s talk accessories, starting with this lime green strappy sandal. A spring and summer show if I ever saw one! The low heel is manageable while staying totally on-trend – the kitten is the heel du jour, for sure.

I chose a white crossbody bag small enough to stay discreet but big enough to fit all the essentials. The bag’s gold hardware compliments my jewelry selection: a pair of sparkly hoops, a matching ear cuff, a gold medallion necklace, and a ring. I wanted a little glam, but nothing too overwhelming. I finished everything off with a pair of vintage Chanel sunglasses from the early 2000s for a touch of Y2K.

The finished look pays homage to Barbie but in an easy-but-polished fashion. I can’t wait to break this set apart; I’m thinking of the crochet top with a pair of high-waisted wide-leg jeans and sneakers, and the skirt with a ribbed white tank with a linen blazer thrown over the shoulders. And you’ll spot me wearing these lime green sandals repeatedly, with everything from jean shorts to dreamy summer dresses.

What do you think, KC? Is a springtime set like this in your fashion future? 

You can find Ashley at lestylorouge.com or on Instagram at @ashrockchalk

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