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New Construction Specialist

Whoever said “knowledge is power” must have been referring to Pam Baker, Director of Expansion & Relations with Weichert Realtors/Welch & Co. and Client Care Manager with Suma Design & Construction. Licensed in Kansas and Missouri, this experienced real estate broker checks all the boxes when it comes to helping clients buy and sell homes, as well as to one of her stand out platforms as a new construction specialist.

Married to one of the metro area’s most distinguished luxury contemporary home builders – Mark Sumada of Suma Design & Construction – as well as possessing a background in interior design, Pam has worked with Suma Design since 2006 in various capacities and has that “insider’s edge” that gives her a decided advantage when working with new construction clients.

“It definitely helps being married to a builder, as it allows me to know a builder’s perspective on things,” Pam noted.

Coming to the table with a wealth of knowledge and insight, Pam stays up-to-date with the latest in real estate and the local market, allowing her to serve more effectively. A top producer, Pam operates with a solid work ethic, and is known for her tenacity, hustle, professionalism, enthusiasm, experience and problem-solving mindset. Playing off each other’ strengths, Pam and Mark strive to provide clients with a one-on-one custom experience.

“We take care of the customer, giving as much or as little direction as they need to get the vision they want,” she emphasized. “In new construction, you allow the buyer, with some direction, to visual the home they desire. My design background allows me to help the client visualize things and make suggestions while Mark’s architectural background completes the picture. Also, with Weichert, we have a vast leadership team to help with most any issue.”

Pam began with Weichert in October 2019, after working with ReeceNichols for 10 years, first as an agent for two years and then becoming a broker in 2013.

“I think being a broker helped me to become a better agent,” said Pam, who was a non-selling broker for eight years, running an office of up to 85 people at ReeceNichols. “That strengthened my skill set, and I realized my skills rested more in developing relationships.”

It is that relationship that provides the foundation upon which to build with each client.

“Building a home can take several months, so you get to know the client and establish a bond with them,” she said. “You will invariably hit a few bumps in the road, but that is part of the home building process. The important thing is to strengthen that relationship and stay with them through the process, from contract to framing to design and through completion and beyond.”

When Pam brokers deals with Mark, her focus is on design and customer service. Further, as part of the Weichert/Welch & Co. team, a top new construction agency in Kansas City, Pam understands not only new construction but also has the resources for new development and growth in Kansas City.

“Weichert has 25+ new subdivisions going up in Kansas City, working with about 80 agents,” said Pam. “We are also a hands-on leader in that we have access to more than 3,000 lots for future development in the greater metro area. I understand development more, as Weichert develops and works with builders and we actually have a land broker in our office.”

Her boss, Ken Welch, reminded her, “Land follows sewers,” and with that in mind, Pam indicated sewers going in around the Spring Hill area at present.

With new construction reportedly up 36% in 2020 over 2019, buyers are coming into this market with new goals and desires, especially in light of the current pandemic which has changed the way people use their homes.

“Buyers want more flexibility when it comes to changing the layout of their homes,” Pam explained. “With people now working from home and kids of all ages participating in virtual learning, the way people use their homes is changing.”

A natural communicator, Pam listens to her clients to understand what they want and how they want their home to look. She also follows-up on a regular basis, realizing a good relationship is not just about what you say; it is also about what you do.

“I take care of my clients, looking at the bigger picture,” she reflected. “When they are in the throes of the whole home building process, my goal is to make it seamless. It’s not perfect, but I do provide comfort and open communication. My job is to make my clients feel comfortable in the decisions they are making with the experience combined with the right personalities of our team.”


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