Beating the Bad Hair Days of Summer

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The sun’s heat and its brutal UV rays can damage your hair, causing dryness, brittle hair and split ends. Add in those dips into the pool and summer has taken a toll on your hair. Check out these tips that will keep your locks looking glossy and feeling soft all summer long.

Conditioner is Your Friend

Just as you protect your skin with sunscreen, your tresses will thank you for protecting them, too. Find a hair conditioner with UV protectant and use a hair mask once a week for deep conditioning. Using a leave-in conditioner will slow the absorption of saltwater and pool chemicals. Rinse your hair (and yourself) off after your swim with fresh water.

Bonus Tip: Heat up any natural oil (olive, coconut or almond work great) and apply to your hair after shampooing. Apply from roots to tips, but don’t use too much or you can end up weighing down your hair.

Air is Better

The heat from the sun does enough damage so try not to add more with the use of blow dryers and flat irons. Opt for drying your hair naturally. Take a break from these hot tools at least once or twice a week. Fun headbands and blingy barrettes can create a quick and easy hair style.

Bonus Tip: Wash your hair at night and pile it up in bun or pull into a loose braid for soft waves come morning. 

Trim those Locks

It’s true that your hair grows faster in the summer. Start the season with a quick refresh; trimming off those split ends. Plan on a mid-summer follow up to your beauty salon to keep those strands looking good.

Bonus Tip: Think about changing your hairstyle this summer. A stacked bob or a layered pixie are fun yet practical and look great air dried, causing less stress on your strands.

Brush vs Comb

Go for a wide-toothed comb over a bristly brush. The less teeth mean the less pull on those knotted strands, preventing breakage and pulling out of hair. Brushing wet hair too hard or too quickly will result in damage to your tendrils.

Bonus Tip: Always work tangles out starting at your ends. Comb from underneath so you’re not pulling at your roots.

Less is Better

Daily washings strip natural oils from your scalp, stimulating additional production of oil which can weigh down your hair. Look for shampoos which are gentle, nourishing and have a high SPF. Consider alternating washings with a dry shampoo.

Bonus Tip: Rinse your hair in a cold-water lemon rinse. Not only is the citrusy aroma refreshing, it leaves your hair silky and smooth while working to restore your scalp’s pH balance.

Fizz is No Fun

Conditioner is a staple. It helps de-frizz your hair during this humid season. Don’t get too carried away as too much will weigh down your hair, resulting in a flat look. A drop or two of an anti-frizz oil or serum helps smooth your hair and adds a shine.

Bonus Tip: Frizz is going to happen in KC weather. Apply a quick spritz of hairspray on your comb or brush and run it through your hair, locking your rebellious strands in place before you head out the door.

Cover it Up

Planning on working in the garden all day or walking along the beach? Hats and scarves are a necessity, protecting your hair from the sun’s harmful rays. If you color your hair, this is a requirement as the sun rays will dry and fade your hair in no time.

Bonus Tip: Splurge on a wide brimmed hat. Not only will it prevent your hair from getting scorched, it will protect your scalp, neck and shoulders from getting sunburnt. 

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