ASID Trends: Artisinal Interiors

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Artisinal Interiors

Move over Shabby Chic, Artisinal décor is the next big design trend. Artisinal items are those items that are created by artisans. Usually “small batch” or one of a kind, these items bring character, texture and a down to earth sensibility.  Larger manufacturers are catching on and mass producing items that look like someone spent days doing macramé pillows, rugs or knitting chunky throws.  Additionally, artisans are making light fixtures out of just about anything, and making unique wood products and décor. Artisinal items and design is timeless, and adds authenticity to your space. So if you want to add something unique to your home, look for something made by a real person.

1.  Hickory Endtable by Matt Castilleja     |     2.  “Boundaries” Wool, Linen, Silk and Fibers  by Tammy Kanat     |     3.  Macrame Diamond Pillow Cover by West Elm   |     4.  Nublado Throw by The Citizenry   |     5.  “Rainbow” Wool Tapestry by Tammy Kanat   |     6.  Secola Recycled Metal Pendant Light by Artisan Crafted Lighting     |     7.  Wool /Cotton Throw Pillow by Loloi 

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