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As one who has always loved houses and has been fascinated by where people live, embracing a career as a home builder came naturally to Troy Moore, owner of Madi Mali Homes. Originally from the Midwest, Troy graduated from Indiana State University with degrees in Architecture and Construction Management. Upon graduation, he worked a variety of jobs, including those of Job Coordinator, Project Estimator and Building Inspector. In 2003, Troy established Madi Mali Homes with a focus on designing and building custom homes. His philosophy is to create exceptional and unique properties which reflect the owner’s personal style and taste. From conception through completion, Troy remains intimately involved in every aspect of the project.

Even though Troy has a degree in Architecture, he is far more intrigued by the conceptual side of the business. He has the ability to look at the ordinary with extraordinary eyes. He turns his innovative thoughts and ideas into works of art, speaking more of a language than expressing a distinct style. The creative eye from which he views each individual project has also allowed Troy to create an Interior Design and Consulting arm within his business, which has left footprints not only in each of his custom build projects but also in various total home redesigns, furnishings, office spaces, lower level finishes and outdoor living areas.

On the whole, however, Troy’s primary focus is on custom homes. He does not have a specific portfolio of designs from which clients choose. Instead, he begins with, as he calls it, “a pile of dirt” and then builds the home from scratch. The pre-meetings he conducts with clients before the first spade even hits the ground is where the conceptual designs begin to have a voice.

“Our entire goal is to not impose our design on someone,” Troy emphasized. “We let the owner take the lead on what they are looking for, then provide recommendations on how to get there.  Our goal is to make the house beautiful before any furniture even goes in. We see the furniture, rugs and other accessories as things that only enhance what’s already there.”

Troy relies on a specialized team of sub-contractors, all of whom operate from a higher skill set that allows Troy to accomplish his overall vision. He also has a dynamic team, which includes Kari Lunn, Office Manager/Designer and Steven Grow, Project Manager.

One standout project is in the acclaimed Loch Lloyd community, featuring the classic details for which Troy is known, such as the Colonial exterior, the white palette on the interior and even checkerboard flooring in the entryway.

“This particular style can lean modern or classic,” stated Troy.

A respected and in-demand builder, Troy was recently brought back to a home he built several years ago. The current owner, Robert Pascuzzi, entrepreneur and author, was not the original owner, but because he appreciated Troy’s work, he asked him to return to finish the lower level of the estate, which features an in-home theater room, bar, study, guest bedroom and reading nook.

A builder with many creative perspectives, Troy’s impressive resume is continually enhanced. He was recently asked to rebuild an entire 20-year-old home, not of his initial design, in Heritage Hills West, gutting it from top to bottom and bringing it up to modern amenities.

“The homes in this neighborhood are built new to look old, and while this particular one has a Victorian exterior, the inside is completely redesigned and up-to-date,” Troy noted.

While Troy will work with clients at most any price point, his niche tends to focus on homes starting around $800,000 and progressing up through the multi-million dollar estates, with each home conveying its own unique story that reflects the way the homeowners desire to live.

“We try to bring into our designs the classic details without being trendy,” Troy indicated. “We make homes timeless. Currently, however, the market is leaning towards a contemporary vibe, which is refreshing, as it embraces a minimalistic design with natural finishes.”

This fall, Troy will open the new MMH “Experience Center”, a three-story contemporary home downtown with a rooftop deck overlooking the Kaufman Center. This will serve as his sales office, model home, private event space and weekend retreat for his wife Angela and girls Madison and Malerie.

While Troy and his team will build just about anywhere, even beyond the metro area, what is most important to him is a mutually respected relationship with the client, the service he provides, partnered with a focus on the details.

“We have to realize that while we may have six or seven projects ongoing, we try to make each family feel as if they are our only client,” Troy emphasized. To that end, he remains highly accessible and involved, ensuring the clients are involved every step of the way. “I want our homes to look great 100 years from now.”


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