Room for Royalty

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This Kansas City bedroom is nothing short of spectacular.

Story by Ann Butenas    |    Photos by Matt Kocourek




Situated in a beautiful home in the greater Kansas City area, this guest bedroom is nothing short of spectacular. Passionate about the life and works of William Morris, the father of the Arts and Crafts movement in England (1834-1896), the homeowner was honored to have toured Morris’ Kelmscott Manor in England and instinctively gravitated towards the look and appeal of Medieval and Renaissance England, which is the time period Morris adored and from which he based all of his designs. The client was then subsequently motivated to create a William Morris-inspired Tudor room of her own.

Over the years, she compiled a three-ring notebook of ideas and design elements she wanted to bring to life. With the help of Susan Sage, interior designer for Picture Perfect Interiors and with general contractor Terry Skilling of Rhino Builders, Inc., her dream came to stunning fruition, pulling together the products and elements necessary to complete the authentic Tudor ambiance she desired.

Skilling was highly instrumental in achieving the exquisite outcome. Partnering with skilled craftsmen and artisans, he harmoniously married all aspects of the room, most notably the ceiling, walls, doors, windows, flooring and lighting, to produce a room that not only catches the eye but captures the heart.




The wall panels were designed and crafted of quarter sawn white oak that enjoy a dark stain, giving the appearance of Tudor paneling. The crown molding has intentionally been positioned slightly down from the ceiling to allow for LED uplights.

All of the doors in the room are also quarter sawn white oak, attached with ornate hinges. The escutcheon plates and knobs help set the stage for the look and feel of the Tudor time period.

Taking center stage is the Eastern King bed and customized headboard designed to align with the design of Morris’ early 16th century bed and the accompanying bed linens provide homage to Morris’ bedroom at Kelmscott Manor in England. The quilt upon the wall – “Morris and Friends“ – was designed and made by Michele Hill from Adelaide, Australia.

The room’s original windows were not centered, so Skilling and his crew removed them and rebuilt the wall to center them perfectly. The Kolbe windows have a quarter sawn white oak interior and clad exterior. The curry colored shades are Hunter Douglas Duette Powerise.




The Tudor-style leaded glass panels for the windows were designed taking the design elements from the Montacute House, a Tudor manor in Somerset, England.

Additional elements in the room include the wood floors which are made of eight-inch wide prefinished planks, intentionally of a lighter color to harmonize wonderfully with the darker elements of the wall panels and doors. The Venetian chandelier, with its subtle low lights, gives the appearance of candles. The wallpaper is Morris’ Chrysanthemum pattern in Pale Olive.

And while most works of art typically adorn the walls, the pièce de résistance in this grand room is best viewed when looking up. Although not a Morris design, it spoke to the homeowner and she knew it had to be in the room. She saw this ceiling in the Hassler Hotel at the top of the Spanish Steps in Rome and what is seen in this room now is an interpretation of that design.

“Nearly 20 years of thought went into this room, and the result is a masterpiece in and of itself,” noted Skilling.



Contractor:  Rhino Builders    |    Designer:  Picture Perfect Interiors    |    Lead Glass Panels:  Beardens Stained Glass    |    Wallcoverings:  Big Sky Wallcoverings    |    Cabinets:  Cabinet Designs    |    Fabric:  Designers Only Showroom    |    Hardware:  Locks and Pulls    |    Windows:  Pacific Mutual Door    |    Ceiling:  Plasterkraft & Mural Masters    |    Painting:  Randy Oxley Painting    |    Hardwood Floors:  SVB Wood Floors    |    Electrician:  Vanover Systems

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