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Wallpaper allows you to give each room in your home its own distinct look. Attractive and classy, this multi-faceted design style is growing in popularity.

Story by Ann Butenas   |   Photos courtesy of One Stop Decorating

More durable than paint, wallpaper typically enjoys great longevity. It really doesn’t matter what your design tastes are, there is a wallpaper out there just for you that will perfectly elevate your overall home design. Wallpaper captures your unique style and vibe; adds depth, warmth, and character to a room, and can even be featured like art. You can even use wallpaper in unconventional places, like bookcases, kitchen cabinets, above fireplaces and even on ceilings. We spoke with a couple of wallpaper experts at One Stop Decorating – Brandon Roellchen, President, and Kim Lillis, Decorating Consultant – to find out the latest in wallpaper trends.

KCH&S: When did wallpaper re-emerge as an exciting home décor trend and what is the primary reason for its resurgence?

OSD: We have noticed a big resurgence over the past five years not only in new home construction but, also, in remodeled homes. We believe one of the reasons is because of more publicity from magazines, DIY television shows and even social media. The pandemic was also a big contributing factor, as homeowners were tired of being at home staring at neutral walls and craved something a little more lively.  

KCH&S: What types of colors and textures are popular now?

OSD: Shades of blue are making a comeback, as are large, fun prints. Textures are, also, popular for people who like the solid color of paint but want to add depth and warmth to the room.

KCH&S: What are the most popular rooms in the home in which people use wallpaper?

OSD: The most common rooms homeowners typically choose to incorporate wallpaper are bathrooms, dining rooms, laundry rooms and kitchens.  The trend for bedrooms is mainly an accent wall (for example, behind the bed).  We’re, also, seeing wallpaper used on one wall in a home office which is perfect for those virtual work meetings. Studies have shown that colors and designs available in wallpaper today actually inspire workers as they collaborate and brainstorm (whether at home or in a business environment).  

KCH&S: What do you recommend for the do-it-yourselfer?

OSD: There are many types of wallpaper available, including pre-pasted, unpasted and self-adhesive. Pre-pasted paper means you just dip it in water and unpasted means you have to add paste to the back of the paper. Self-adhesive wallpaper (also called peel-and stick) has been growing in popularity but can be difficult to hang due to its inability to reposition it on the wall.  This is why it’s important to consult with a qualified professional upfront to get the right information and make the best decision as to which type of wallpaper to use. 

KCH&S: Why would someone choose to use wallpaper as opposed to just painting the walls?

OSD: In addition to so many fun and exciting options available, applying wallpaper can be a less involved task than painting. With painting you have to tape off areas, do cut-ins and clean the woodwork. Wallpaper is, also, an affordable option because you can use it in small spaces or on just one wall. High Performance wallpapers can be even more durable than paint because they are scratch resistant, scrubbable, waterproof and will maintain their true color and pattern for years to come.

KCH&S: Any other tips and suggestions?

OSD: As the Wallcoverings Association says, “Wallpaper is the great impersonator.” It can change the appearance of a room, create an atmosphere, and reveal personality. Wallpaper allows you to incorporate your own style into a space. You can’t really do that with paint. Wallpaper, with its patterns, prints and textures, lends itself to a part of the overall design style. Plus, another fun fact is… if you have imperfections on your wall such as cracks or small holes, you can simply cover those flaws with wallpaper!

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