Bathroom Trends You’ll Want Right Now

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Here are some exciting changes in bathrooms to keep on your radar.

Story by Ann Butenas

With the coronavirus pandemic forcing us to stay in our homes for appreciable amounts of time these days, many of us have decided to make some changes to our living spaces. With all of the rooms in your home, it might be difficult to decide on which one to update and remodel. We will make it simple for you: let’s just focus on the glorious comfort station, a/k/a, your bathroom. 

If you have grown weary of those drabby old subway tiles, dated fixtures and leaky faucets, now just might be the time to invite some color (red and purple are not out of the question), sophisticated charm (chandeliers – not just for the dining room anymore) and imagination (zebra-striped wallpaper, anyone?) into your bathroom, making it the perfect respite to which you can retreat at the end of a long day.

We spoke with Lynn Nelson, Showroom Manager at Kitchens & Baths by Briggs, who gave us some inspirational ideas to incorporate into your next bathroom update. Isn’t it time to indulge and pamper yourself silly?  From bold colors to unique free-standing tubs and innovative and even dramatic vanities, your bathroom can become more than just a place to “take care of business” and wash your hands. It can become that fantasy comfort space to which you can escape and wash your cares away or it can be that fun space that energizes you and helps you prepare for the day ahead.

KCH&S: What are the latest colors and design styles being incorporated in bathrooms today?

NELSON: Overall, I’ve seen a trend with pops of strong color and strong color wallpaper making a resurgence, as well as focal points, such as unique light fixtures and more innovative faucets. I have noticed people are enjoying more patterned tile as opposed to neutrals. They are opting for bolder flooring choices and on the walls, as well, which includes a lean towards the hipper and relaxed “boho trend” with the use of more natural fibers.

KCH&S: What types of finishes are growing in popularity now?

NELSON: People are mixing finishes, trending to brushed, softer golds and warmer tones, adding some black and gold light fixtures. Kohler® has some amazing sink colors, such as deeper plums and blues that offer a more dramatic effect.

KCH&S: What changes are you seeing with respect to vanities, accompanying lights and mirrors?

NELSON: We are seeing a trend towards lighter finishes, moving away from the darker colors. Floating vanities are also popular. Robern has some new technology in their lighted medicine cabinets, with features that provide various types of lighting with many options for style and storage.

 KCH&S: How have tubs and showers changed in the bathroom of today?

NELSON: Many of the tubs used today are free standing or soaker tubs. They are longer but narrower, making you feel more comfortable and relaxed as you soak. With respect to shower heads, the technology now is amazing. Hansgrohe Select Technology offers intuitive operation, all with the simple click of a button. You can change the spray mode, turn on another shower head or turn the water on and off. They also have the luxurious Rainfinity, an award-winning showerhead with its unique and silky water delivery, providing an incredibly relaxing and warm experience, making you feel as if you are enrobed in micro drops of water.

KCH&S: How have bathrooms of the future made their way into our homes?

NELSON: Kohler® offers Smart mirror technology, powered by Alexa. You can add light and full sound stereo, as well as initiate voice command and motion sensing night lights. You can also control other Smart appliances in your home from your bathroom. Other items people enjoy are towel warmers to dry towels and keep them fresher a bit longer, as well as automated bidets with heated and lighted seats that can be operated via Bluetooth®.

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