6 Refreshing Reasons to Drink More Water

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We all know we need to drink more water during the summer heat, but do we?

Maybe these reasons will convince you to pick up a bottle (of water of course!)

1  Lessens Headaches

The summer weather is known to bring on those painful headaches whether they be from dehydration or weather fronts. Drinking plenty of water can help relieve those headaches and staying hydrated can prevent many headaches from even starting. Reach for the water before you reach for the painkillers.

2  Helps Heal Sunburns

We know we should be wearing sunscreen during the days of summer (and year round!) but sometimes we forget or it wears off. The result? A sunburn that can result in dehydration, as fluid is lost through the skin. Drinking water will rehydrate your skin and body, helping the burn to heal.

3  Beach Body

There is nothing better to help your summer diet than drinking water. When those hunger pangs hit, reach for a glass of water instead of a calorie filled snack. Water speeds up your metabolism, helping you to make the best use of the calories from your food intake and aids in weight loss. 

4  Increases Brain Power

Looking for a mental boost? Skip the caffeine and drink some water. Since your brain is made of 73% water, drinking it helps you focus, concentrate, and stay alert. When you are dehydrated by just 2% your brain can be impaired, affecting attention and immediate memory skills. So grab a glassful and drink up. 

5  Makes You Happy

The more you drink, the happier you’ll be – we’re talking water, of course. A recent poll found that people who drink at least the daily recommended amount of eight 8 oz glasses are three times more likely to feel happy. Those who drank 10+ glasses felt very energetic.     

6  Boosts the Immune System

Not only does an apple a day keep the doctor away, drinking water is a big benefit when it comes to a healthy immune system. Your immune system functions best when your muscles and organs are functioning at their best. How can you help them out? You guessed it – by drinking water. 

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