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Consider having the ability to imagine something that is not there. Then consider taking that imagination and relentlessly pursuing it until those things that weren’t there suddenly are. That is the essence of an architect, a talented and skilled artisan of composition who sees the world though a different lens than do most of us. Educated to design and document, architects apply their critical thinking skills into myriad contexts, creating spaces that inspire, delight, and intrigue, navigating spatial relationships from both the left and right sides of their brains in awe-inspiring ways.

While the world is full of talented architects, perhaps the cream of the crop resides right here in the Kansas City metro area. Scott Bickford, founder and owner of the award-winning Bickford + Company Residential Architects, specializes in new homes, remodeling and renovation projects. Over his 40+ years in the industry, he has established a highly innovative team of specialized architects and designers that is dedicated to the best in custom residential design services. Each design is expressly based on the individual needs and desires of the client. Bickford listens intently to gain a full understanding of what each client    desires and then applies what he describes as “personal architecture.”

“By this term, we mean individualized residential architecture, developed through a team approach involving not only our staff of professional designers but also the builder and especially the client,” explained Bickford, a member of the American Institute of Architects and associate member of the Home Builders Association. “We take great pride in creating client-centered custom designs and in resolving difficult or unusual circumstances to achieve the result best suited to the client.”

Overseeing a company that has completed roughly 7,100 projects over the years, Bickford has created functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces for families to enjoy. Fluent in the language of the construction industry, Bickford can take ideas and dreams and bring them to fruition.  He understands homes are more than just floors and walls; they are also about making memories, solidifying connections and embracing opportunities.

In other words, Bickford listens intently to fully understand the lifestyle of his clients and how they want the space to function, in a sense, being insightfully thoughtful about the making of the home. Bickford and his team advance the practice of personal architecture with a keen focus on the clients coupled with an understanding of the environment in which the project is set. As a result, the client enjoys a well-made home that tends to the manner in which the client desires to live.

“We regard the house not just as an abstract exercise of the designer’s artistic virtuosity and technical skill, but also – indeed, primarily – as an adjunct to the client’s lifestyle and as an expression of the client’s character, values and status,” emphasized Bickford. Because of the fully-integrated approach with the client, keen insight is acquired that allows Bickford to develop the one-of-a-kind designs for which he is respectfully known.

Fresh Views…

Bickford indicated clients are leaning towards open floors plans with a fresher presence to them. Even if the space is traditional in design, clients still want to freshen it up in new and creative ways. Think: a country look with skinny black windows or a modern farmhouse or French country home with contemporary accents. “We try to stay abreast of trends and continually come up with fresh ideas,” expressed Bickford.

8600 West 110th Street, Suite 110, Overland Park, Kansas

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