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Choosing the Right Wine Glass

You’ve slaved over dinner, creating the perfect dishes for your guests. A visit to the liquor store paired choice wines with your different courses and the atmosphere of the room is spot on. You’ve covered it all, right? Or not.

What about your wine glasses? The right stemware is a must when you’re big on entertaining. After all, you need to make sure that the wine you serve is as delicious as the food you made. The sensory experience of your vino relies on the glass it is sipped from. Here’s a few quick tips when it comes to glasses for red and white wines.

Red wines present their best flavors and aromas in a generous sized glass. The large bowls and wide openings allow the wine to breathe, which brings out the rich flavors and aroma red wines are known for. Perfect for stemmed or stemless glasses, red wines are served at room temperature. This means holding the glass by the stem or around the bowl will not affect the wine’s temperature.

White wines are typically served in smaller but taller glasses than their red counterpart.

White wine glasses are generally smaller in size, but taller in length. The tapered glass helps direct the wine’s aroma to your nose and keeps your wine chilled. And unlike red wines, whites should be served in a stemmed glass where the body temperature from your hand does not warm the wine.

Does this mean you need a different wine glass for every type of wine? Of course not! But we must admit it is fun to have a variety of glass styles on hand. And to help you in that field, we found a few styles that whetted our taste. Happy shopping and cheers!

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