Shower Power

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Shower or bath?

The age-old debate but with today’s showerheads and spacious showers, it’s hard to say no to pampering yourself with a little “me time” under that rain shower. Let’s take a peek at how to get the most out of these ahh getaways.

AM of PM?

The time of day is up to you:  Morning showers help you jumpstart the day, while night showers can give you that warm snuggly feeling as you slip into bed. Allergy sufferers should definitely choose the PM shower to wash off all those pesky allergens that attached to you throughout the day. 


The number of minutes:  Short showers may not get the job done and too long of a shower can dry out your skin. Most dermatologists say that your shower should last between five and 10 minutes to cleanse and hydrate your skin, but if you’re in longer than 15 minutes you may be washing away your skin’s natural oils.


The most days in-between showers:  Though there’s no scientific evidence, dermatologists suggest you should be sudsing that body every 2 to 3 days. If you are physically active, daily showers might be your preference. You want to keep away the stink, so do a self-check, and if your pits aren’t smelling sweet, time to turn on the water.


The right water temp for you:  Hot, warm or cold? It depends on what your body is needing. Warm water is your skin’s best friend, but let’s admit that hot shower sure does feel good. And it is good for you to help manage symptoms of a cold or cough. Cold showers have their benefits too, such as calming irritated skin or helping to reduce muscle soreness. 


Sluff off those dead skin cells:  Though it’s one of those things you don’t want to think, you are carrying around a body full of dead skin cells. Time to shed them to make room for healthy cells. Grab your method – granular or chemical – and in circular motions go over the skin below your neck. Look for the exfoliating option that best suits your skin type.


Bring in the tunes:  Grab that waterproof speaker and let the music improve your well-being. Mornings may call for some pump-it-up tunes while night showers may want to be on the mellow side.


Inhaling essential oils:  Sprinkle a few drops of your favorite scent and the steam will work its magic, releasing invigorating scents to boost your energy or calm you down. Choose your oil geared to the effect you need.

Dry Time

Let’s do it right:  Aggressively rubbing the towel on your body causes friction and can irritate your skin. Instead, gently blot or pat dry, starting at the top and working down.

The Order

The steps you follow in a shower do matter. The consensus is:

  1. Drench your body
  2. Shampoo up your hair (that you brushed out before getting in!)
  3. Condition your hair and rinse
  4. Grab that loofah and exfoliate your skin
  5. Suds yourself starting at your neck and working down. 
  6. Don’t forget to give your feet a good overall washing
  7. Time to wash your face – going last ensures no shampoo or conditioner is left on your skin
  8. After-shower treatments are a plus for your skin to help maintain your skin’s moisture balance.


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