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Better Homes and Gardens was always my favorite magazine in high school. I was constantly tearing out photos of spaces. Fast forward a few years and I figured out I could earn a degree in interior design.  Once I stumbled into kitchen design there was no going any other direction. I earned my Certified Kitchen Designer designation from the NKBA in 1996. I moved to the Kansas City area in 1995, working several years at different kitchen design firms before starting Kitchen Studio: Kansas City in 2007.  

At Kitchen Studio: Kansas City I am able to give my clients the focus and attention needed to create their dream space. Every project I undertake is designed specifically for that client. Tailored to their customs, tastes, and usage: Bespoke in every way. In the last 16 years I have forged lasting relationships with local and national manufacturers, fabricators, contractors, and craftspeople. This allows me to design and provide unique solutions to my client’s needs.

Being a member of the NKBA for over 30 years is like having extra partners in business. From support received from fellow kitchen designers to strategies for empowering my business, I can always count on the NKBA to be there for me.  

Sue Shinneman 


Kitchen Studio: Kansas City

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