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D e s i g n e r   S h o w c a s e

Growing up in a foreign country I was constantly exposed to unique ways of seeing spaces. Other countries tend to use more ornamentation and color than ours. I knew I wanted to do something where I could be creative and use my knowledge of my travels.  

I began my journey to become an interior designer at the University of Missouri, Columbia. I loved my experience learning to be detail oriented, use my history of art knowledge, and create beautiful spaces. I landed my first design job with a kitchen design firm, and I was hooked. I loved that I could transform these often unfunctional spaces into something both more convenient and appealing to the eye! Enter NKBA.

If designing this important space in my customer’s house was what I was going to do, I knew I needed to have the best credentials I could. I moved forward in learning all the guidelines, safety requirements and regulations there was to learn in the kitchen and bath industry. NKBA had a plethora of educational resources to get me to a place where I was amply loaded with the tools I would need to be at the top of my game! I proceeded to go through the strenuous testing to verify I had learned and was well prepared to design and manage complex projects. I currently am certified with my CKBD which means my customer can be assured that I have been educated to know about any detail that would have to do with their kitchen or bath, from structural situations to proper plumbing and electrical codes. Every year I acquire “Continuing Education Hours” to keep my certification up to date, but also to keep me on the cutting edge of change in this fascinating field of kitchen and bath design! 

Victoria Miller Ferm 


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