Feeling Refreshed

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Help you and your body bounce back after a fun day in the sun. Whether you’ve been active all day or lost track of time relaxing in the sunshine, too much sun exposure can lead to feeling dehydrated and maybe even having a touch of a sunburn. Replenish yourself inside and out with these rejuvenating products and you’ll be ready to go at it again.

This floral face mist features complexion-loving rose and gardenia extracts, skin-softening bladderwrack (a type of mineral-rich seaweed) extract, and clarifying thyme extract to boost the complexion. Mist whenever, wherever for radiant and re-energized skin. Chill it in the refrigerator for an extra cooling bonus.


Get ready to take your skin moisturizing to a whole new level! Introducing the 100% plant-based, vegan-friendly Body Oil that is the only product on the market to combine Tepezcohuite AND CBD! Tepezcohuite is a bark extract commonly used in Mexico for centuries, today being used for burns, acne, and anti-aging. Combined with the power of pure CBD, this is a dream come true Body Oil combo.


Looking for a way to stay healthy and hydrated this summer? Then look no further than Collagen For Her Lemon Water! Just one scoop can offer 8g of protein and 9g of collagen (which promotes overall stomach health, aids in digestion, revs up your metabolism, and contains 18 amino acids!). This delicious drink is easy to prepare and offers a refreshing — and yummy — boost to your day.


Ideal for helping sun drenched skin recover and restore moisture loss due to the effects of the sun, Hempz After Sun Cooling Gel & Body Hydrator with Aloe Vera and their signature Superfruit Hydro-Sun Complex is an easily absorbed, lightweight, refreshing cure that helps cool, soothe, hydrate and restore moisture loss to stressed out skin.


After a day at the pool walking around on that pool deck, pamper your feet with these cute and handy Fish and Starfish Terracotta Foot Scrubbers. Handcrafted in India, these adorable seafaring shapes will also look great as a decorative bathroom accent.


Mill Creek 2 in 1 Shower & Shave Gel Eucalyptus is made for daily care of all skin types. INDULGE yourself in the goodness of our effective mild formula with Eucalyptus that cleans, conditions and moisturizes. Organic Argan Oil perfectly rejuvenates and improves skin health. Vitamins B, C & E deeply nourish and protect from free radicals. Purify your body. Nourish your skin.


Tree Hut’s special, limited edition, sugar scrub batch is inspired by one of their fan’s Lemon Blueberry Tart recipe and is infused with lemon, coconut oil, and vanilla. The delectable scent combo of lemon swirled with fresh blueberries in a warm, buttery crust will indulge your senses. With a cup of sugar in every jar, Tree Hut’s formula will leave you feeling deliciously soft.


Formula 28 Perfector Multi Correcting Accelerator is a great addition for thinning sun damaged skin. This formula immediately stimulates the skins repairing process with beta glucans and continues the reparative process with continued use. It adds essential moisture with multiple hydrating ingredients to give that youthful bounce back to the skin.


Don’t sacrifice your skin health when traveling off the beaten path. Instead, bring along this LifeElements CBD Skin Repair moisturizing all-in-one stick. It’s great for rescues that entail minor cuts, wounds, burns, (including sunburns), and bug bites. Bring it with you and never feel let down.


The LifeElements CBD & Honey Ache + Pain Relief stick takes its job very seriously.  Whether you’re achy after that strenuous hike or stressed out after a long flight, find relief with these pocket-sized pain relieving sticks. You’ll feel a slight warming and cooling sensation to help relieve achy muscles and inflamed joints while treating your skin with a Pure Bee Goodness™ blend of beeswax, honey, propolis, royal jelly and pollen.


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