Dramatic Touches

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Story by Ann Butenas    |    Photography by Matt Kocourek

Step into this condo on the Plaza and you might just stumble upon a guest bathroom that feels more like a contemporary art gallery. Curated by the design expertise of Kathleen Ramsey, Allied Member ASID of Ramsey Interiors, this bathroom might be small in its footprint but is grand in its design vision.

What makes this bathroom truly jaw-dropping is the incorporation of the owner’s art collection. At its center, a sculpture adorns the wall within a cut-out niche, drawing the eye and adding depth to the space. The walls are showcased with black grass cloth, an unconventional yet equally stylish choice that perfectly complements the room’s black and white color scheme.

This monochrome palette not only lends the bathroom a timeless elegance but also plays the perfect backdrop for the diverse art pieces. Adding to the drama of the space are two wall sconces that flank the mirror, casting a soft glow and highlighting the regency style influence of the space, which plays into the homeowner’s design preferences. 

The bathroom’s floor enjoys a basketweave tile pattern, contrasted by a black marble perimeter. A quartz countertop houses a unique Kohler sink, designed with black and white botanical patterns and punctuated by the whimsical touch of a red ladybug print.

For Ramsey, this space was more than just another project. It was a canvas to create drama and excitement.

“I believe guest bathrooms are a place where you can have fun with the design elements and add a bit more of a dramatic touch,” she expressed.

By extending the lighter-toned vanity from wall to wall, Ramsey amplified the room’s visual expanse. Ramsey praised the client’s readiness to embrace unique designs, which made the project all the more exciting for both of them.

The compactness of the room did pose a few challenges. But as the result demonstrates, with a clear vision, creativity, and expert execution, even the tiniest of bathroom spaces can be transformed into stunning powder rooms. As evidenced, this bathroom, which was part of a broader condo rehab, stands testament to Ramsey’s design prowess and the bold choices of the homeowner. It’s small, it’s dramatic, and it’s unforgettable.

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