Braden’s Hope Home Tour

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This home perfectly captures the essence of the space while simultaneously reflecting the lifestyle of the homeowners.

Story by Ann Butenas    |    Photos by Matt Kocourek

If several award-winning interior designers got together and brought to the table their own ideas of excellence in design, this one-of-a-kind Loch Lloyd home would be the end result. Working in conjunction with k.b. interiors, the homeowners (husband, wife and young twin daughters) have successfully blended a veritable showcase of stunning design elements while seamlessly adhering to their own personal style and tastes. You may feel as if you are dreaming when you enter this stunning residence, constructed by Larson Building Company, but if you pinch yourself, you will see it is all real and it is all deliciously incredible. This home can truly stand as the epitome of grace, class and style while simultaneously adding pops of fun and whimsy without overthinking anything. Everything just works well together, and the beauty behind it all is that it begs you to sit down, relax, and stay awhile. This residence is clearly an amazing sight to see in its presentation, but is not so pompous as to make you feel you can’t kick off your shoes and enjoy yourself.

Featured in the Braden’s Hope Home Tour that runs through June 10, the homeowners graciously offered a tour of this unique, beautiful, private family home in the exclusive Loch Lloyd Community, and this custom-built home has decidedly shown that it is not just a roof and four walls. It is a place that inspires and uplifts. Every detail is part of the overall design, reflecting luxury, style, class and most important, comfort and relaxation. Every element was thoughtfully considered. Nothing in this home encourages the question, “Does this work?” Instead, everything encourages the thought, “How does this work?” The simple answer is this: Everything looks great. Everything feels great. Everything works well. While every room in the home is certainly a feast for the eyes, you will most likely find the overall design to speak to your soul, as the designs do not just visually tempt you; they also make you feel.

The homeowners approached this new construction with an open mind. It seems every square inch of this space was carefully considered in terms of design styles and elements, but it presents with such effortless fashion. Each piece, each color, each texture and each element are rooted in similar fashion but have distinct roles to play. The only problem with this entire ensemble is that one simply cannot get enough of it!

Let’s take a brief stroll through this 5,602 square-foot abode and discover how the talented designers at k.b. interiors working with the homeowners have breathed a bit of magic into the space. In all honestly, it is a challenge to even know where to begin. Like a kid in a candy store, we just want a taste of everything.

From the moment you approach the front door, the façade of the home creates a frame for the entire scene from the moment you pull up to the house. From the front, you can see the lake behind the home, visible through two sets of sliding doors located at the rear of the home, and while the husband of this family gives a huge nod to his wife for the interior design selections, he deserves to take the credit for choosing this particular lot.

“It’s a lakeside lot with a walkout upper level patio, which makes you feel as if you are standing over the water, giving you an intimate feeling of being involved with the outdoor space, and the acrylic infinity pool sets at eye level with the water. Plus, the deck has suspended glass around it so as not to impede the view of the lake  and surrounding area,” he indicated. “I knew this lot was unique, as it had plenty of creative opportunities to make it ours.”

And make it theirs, they did, from the inside out.

“We love every single bit of this home,” smiled the homeowner. “We’ve been working for 15 years to build a house like this. We have moved around and have had the gas pedal to the floor for all those years, accumulating the ideas we have now put into this home.”

Described as a contemporary style with hints of transitional elements, this family home with its open floor concept is the perfect place for the couple to raise their kids and enjoy a relaxing environment. The primary interior colors of the home partner black, white and gray with pops of colors in the girls’ bedrooms, which, for the record, are making quite a unique design name for themselves.

Located on the lower level, the girls’ bedrooms are heavenly in and of themselves. They certainly make us long for those old-fashioned sleepovers we used to have with our friends. With built-in beds, stairs leading to a cozy loft above, and hanging bowl chairs, it appears we have found one of our favorite places in the home. This is every young girl’s dream! Each girl has her own private bathroom, too, with one highlighted by mother-of-pearl tile and the other in a striking black, white and gray tile pattern. While one room enjoys a colorful wallpaper mural on the ceiling, the other has been highlighted with a hand-drawn Parisian wall mural, created by award-winning teenage artist, Savannah Meyer with Savvy Paint.

“Savannah is incredibly talented, and she replicated exactly the photos I gave to her, painting it black and white with a hint of pink so our daughter can mature into it,” expressed the wife.

As owners of a for-profit organization called Fundraising University, this couple often entertains former coaches and kids, and one way by which to do that is through the love of the game…baseball and softball, for example, which is where the lower level indoor batting cage comes into play.

“It has always been a dream for us to have a batting cage, and this will give us a great opportunity to connect with others through our organization,” noted the husband.

After falling in love with Savannah’s artistic expression, they commissioned her to paint the mural down by the batting cage, which is a depiction of the Johnny Rosenblatt Stadium, home of the College World Series, which is where the husband fell in love with baseball years ago. When that facility was torn down, the couple acquired six stadium seats from it and have installed them in the batting cage area, which sits underneath the suspended garage. There is also a full gym and workout area in front of the batting cage.

Continuing on through the home, it is evident the family’s passion for adding their own unique vibe and style to the home progresses on all levels and never ceases to delight. From the edgy design styles, functional yet showcasing furniture, and headlining light fixtures, no detail was spared, yet, again, nothing seems over-stated. It all just works.

“I didn’t want to do the expected,” said the wife, referring to the eclectic and unique theme of the interior design scheme.

Shiplap dominates throughout the main level, adding to the home’s relaxed and cozy vibe, and hardwood floors on the main level are plentiful. Spilled drinks are no problem here! The lower level boasts attractive herringbone tile and all floors are heated except in the gym.

The open staircase with a sleek glass railing that greets you enjoys the most spectacular lighting above that seems to dance to the rhythm of the trim patterned walls. (Why didn’t we think of this?) Located just under the staircase on the lower level is a wine cellar. Red or white? We don’t care, just pop open a bottle and relax in the main living area down here. The 13-foot ceilings make it seem open, yet equally intimate.

But it gets even better. When moving into the master suite, you may need some oxygen as you hold your breath over the beauty of the space. The romantic lighting, dramatic views of the outdoors and wooden beams above create a relaxing oasis. The excitement doesn’t end there, however. What magnificent master suite doesn’t deserve a two-story closet, complete with spiral staircase? (Yes, we are drooling!) The stunning black cabinetry throughout provides the perfect accent to the space.

The barn door in the spacious kitchen separates the prep kitchen from the main kitchen, so party planning is a breeze. Of course, what is a fun-filled kitchen without some see-through candy drawers? Dangerous? Perhaps, but whimsical nevertheless!

The upper level living area, with a 15-foot ceiling, enjoys a see-through gas linear fireplace that separates the living room from the home office. The living area side of the fireplace is framed with a basket weave tile while the office side sports a more masculine, 3-D black tile.

Circling back to why the homeowners wanted to be a part of the Braden’s Hope initiative is because it aligns with their philosophy of putting others first.

“It also represents a culmination of the belief that if you believe you can do something and keep your expectations high, working for it, you can achieve it. We are all special,” reflected the husband.

Added the wife, “I love that we have done this together, as a family, and have stayed strong. We have not once wavered, despite some frustrations and impatience we have experienced.  We have waited 15 years for this moment and it is the absolute epitome of a charging rhino focusing on loving the journey.”

This home will undoubtedly keep those wheels spinning in the years to come, inspiring its residents and all who visit. When you are here, you feel welcomed and honored, and when you leave, perhaps you leave a bit of yourself here, but that is perfectly fine with the homeowners.

“We love entertaining family and friends,” smiled the wife. “This is not just a house. It is a home.”

Cue the “Welcome” mat!

(And if you really want to absorb all the beauty and detail of this home, visit them on Instagram at our_humble_abode.)


  • Architect/Home Designer: Bickford + Company
  • Builder/Contractor: Larson Building
  • Interior Designer: k.b. interiors
  • Development: Loch Lloyd
  • Hardwood Flooring: Acme Floor
  • Glass & Mirrors: Binswanger Glass
  • Garage Floor Coating: Granite Garage Floors
  • Cabinets: Harris Wood
  • Batting Cage: InMotion Air
  • Painter: JL Painting
  • Windows: KC Building Supply
  • Iron Staircase: Lost Path Iron
  • Audio/Video: Naturally Wired
  • Appliances: Nebraska Furniture Mart
  • Electrician: Pride Services Inc
  • Furniture: Restoration Hardware
  • Specialty Painting: Savvy Paint
  • Paint: Sherwin Williams
  • Hardscaping & Pool: Stonehenge Outdoor
  • Tile: tilebar (to the trade only)
  • Heating & Cooling: United Heating & Cooling
  • Insulation: Williams Insulation

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