Windows of Opportunity

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Story by Ann Butenas    |    Photos courtesy of One Stop Decorating

Windows are an important element in any home. They serve many purposes, allowing natural light to flow into your home, beautify your spaces, allow you to enjoy views of the outdoors, and so much more. So, how important is it then, to dress up your windows with various coverings and treatments? In a word, very!

Window coverings not only have functional benefits, but they also have aesthetic relevance. They can add value and visual appeal to your windows as they transform what is basically a simple opening into something much more impactful. When you install the right window treatments for your windows, you have control of the design without compromising the architectural style of your home. 

As specialists in custom window blinds, shades, shutters, curtains, and drapes, One Stop Decorating (OSD), which serves the greater Kansas City metro area, understands the importance of highlighting the atmosphere of your home through the use of appropriate and eye-catching window coverings. We spoke with Brandon Roellchen, President of OSD, to gain further insight into the function and aesthetics of window coverings.

KCH&S:  Why are window coverings so important?

OSD:  Window coverings are important for privacy, light control, temperature control, and especially design!

KCH&S:  What are the different types of window coverings available?

OSD:  There are many types available, but motorized or automated shades, blinds, and shutters are at the top of the list. Honeycomb shades for efficiency, shutters across the front of a house for curb appeal, draperies and panels for design, and rolling fabrics for a great design and maintaining an open window when not in use.

KCH&S:  Other than aesthetics, for what reasons are window coverings used?

OSD:  Shades keep a house cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter months. Blinds, shades, and shutters all help give you privacy with different opacities. Semi-opaque fabrics allow light in while also offering privacy and temperature control. All of these can be greatly improved and 100% utilized by automating.

KCH&S:  How do I choose the best window coverings for my home?

OSD:  There are two options that are best: stop into a local showroom to see every type on display and/or have a certified designer out to your residence or business to evaluate, assess, and make recommendations to fit your style and decor.

KCH&S:  When I get window coverings, what else in my home should I change/update?

OSD:  Window coverings are at eye level, so they can change a room significantly on their own. Adding drapery panels can also enhance the style of the window coverings. Changing paint colors and decorative pillows can also help.

KCH&S:  What is the best way to get window coverings?

OSD:  In-home consultations are the best way to determine color, style, and function.

KCH&S:  Do I need window coverings for every room in my house or can I just make a statement with one or two rooms?

OSD:  All depends on the budget and comfort level of privacy. Many budget-friendly options work well in rooms that aren’t used very often. There are many grand and simple types out there to make a statement in great rooms, master bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens. 

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