Welcoming Blooms

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Old wives’ tales say to wait until Mother’s Day before you plant your flowers. But with the sights and sounds of early spring upon us, container planting can bring about spring cheer while we’re waiting for warmer days.

There’s a number of plants that can stand a little chill and a gorgeous spring container is easy to put together. Use a mix of colors if you’re going for a showy look or use one color if you prefer a more elegant appearance.




Here are some hardy bloomers that are begging to adorn your porch:

Pansies and Violas

These two are a container staple and it doesn’t seem like spring without them. As they tend to be low growers, they look great in a low and wide planter or used as filler when mixed with larger, taller plants.


This semi-evergreen perennial comes in a wide variety of colors. Also short, it should be placed in the front of a container.




Lenten Rose

An early-blooming perennial, this flower, which isn’t a rose, works well in a shady container. Once the blooms have finished and warmer weather is upon us, you can relocate it to your landscape for blooms in years to come.


Tulips add bright color and height to containers. As a bulb flower, it’s easiest to purchase already-blooming pots in the spring and nestle the plants in your container.





These fragrant bloomers and vibrant colors make them a staple to the spring mix. Purchase them in a pot before the blossoms have opened to include in your planter. Transfer to the ground at a later date to enjoy them the following spring.

Spotted Dead Nettle

Looking for a great edging that drapes over your planter? While the spotted dead nettle won’t bloom until May or June, its attractive foliage is a great addition to a spring mix.





It’s fun to get creative with your planters. Pot options range from basic colors to mosaics, clay to ceramic. Boxes and crates in various colors, materials and sizes make great pairings. Repurposing items opens up the opportunity for a fun and whimsical look. Watering cans, pails, tires, wagons, rain boots and buckets are just a few ideas for planters.

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