Unexpected Style

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Story by Ann Butenas    |    Photograph by Matt Kocourek

When life gets a bit stressful and chaotic, sometimes the best medicine to alleviate the related stress is to remodel the master bathroom. This particular bathroom design in Leawood easily boosts one’s spirits with its artistic style and upbeat ambiance.

“The client wanted a fresh start,” explained Karin Ross, owner of Karin Ross Designs. “So, I gave her the joy of living and inspiration to greet each day with this creative design.”

With a passion for artistic items displayed throughout her home, the client wanted to bring that same style into her bathroom. As such, Ross stepped beyond the ordinary and incorporated custom details to give this space its own unique personality and flair.

“We hand-picked all of the details to energize and inspire the homeowner,” noted Ross, who approached this project from an angle not normally pursued in bathroom redesigns. Instead of focusing on expressive lighting features for the space to anchor it, Ross leaned into other unanticipated elements within the setting to take the lead.

“We wanted the tile to be the hero,” she expressed. “We took a different mindset with this project. We took a minimalistic approach with the lighting and played heavily off the artistic tile, giving the space its unexpected presentation.”

The Italian marble flooring is a masterpiece in and of itself and stands in grand confidence with the accompanying Spanish tile in the shower.

“The shower tile is embossed with a unique pattern, and, depending on where you stand and look at it, has a green to black appearance,” explained Ross, who also noted the flooring in the shower is comprised of a striking black hexagonal mosaic tile. Again, a strong nod to the artistic vibe the homeowner wanted to achieve.

Balancing out the tile is the port rush Cambria quartz countertop which showcases stunning navy-blue veining punctuated by gold speckles.

“It’s an absolutely gorgeous countertop,” expressed Ross.

The striking vanity is richly accented with an oval-shaped mirror highlighted with gold details. The champagne-colored faucet works in concert with the mirror and its subtle gold detail. The soft grey wall color in the bathroom complements the space with its soothing and gentle presence.


  • Bathroom Designer: Karin Ross Designs
  • Countertop: Cambria
  • Countertop Fabricator: Central Services
  • Lighting: Wilson Lighting
  • Flooring: Virginia Tile

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