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While this home does not disappoint with its abundance of noteworthy appointments and overall design appeal, the real treasure chest is found in the memories its owners are creating from the inside out.

Story by Ann Butenas     |     Photography by Matt Kocourek

An amazing home highlighted with jaw-dropping outdoor spaces is more than just the bells and whistles that accentuate it – although those certainly aid in its overall appeal – it is also about the people who reside there and how they use the space. While this 8,000 square foot home may seem expansive to some folks, for the Budig family, every single footprint in the overall design seems to have its purpose. From the outside looking in, this magnificent home enjoys manicured landscaping, stately patio areas and a paradise-status pool. Crossing the threshold into the inside of the home, there is an obvious relationship between the dynamics of interior and exterior design and functionality. Even though the Budig family moved into this home just five years ago, its emotional value has developed strong roots.

“We dreamed of one day living on land and building a home we could stay in,” reflected Kristeena Budig, whose dad was the one who found the property in Bucyrus long before Kristeena and her husband Chris even purchased it. Her dad actually built all of the ponds in the subdivision. “The property not only was perfect for our family but has sentimental value as well.”

Kristeena and Chris, a local endodontist, hired an architect to design the home for them, providing express input as to how they wanted it to look and function.

“We knew exactly what we wanted and just needed someone to put it all together,” indicated Kristeena of the stately home that sits on nine acres of land. “I would say the style (of the house) would best be described as transitional elegant.”

A brief (if that is possible!) stroll through the home offers clear insight as to how each space is used and how the entire footprint was created to cater not only to Kristeena and Chris, but also to their four children: Braeyln, Berkley, Beckhem, and Brixon. The family also has one dog, a Morkie named Bentley. As a family who relishes time spent with extended family and friends, this home has become a treasured gathering spot.

“We enjoy having of our families together during the holidays and creating wonderful memories,” noted Kristeena.

As with most any home, the kitchen tends to take center stage, and for the Budigs, their kitchen is one of the favorite spots.

“I love to cook, so the larger island was a must in the kitchen design,” said Kristeena. “It seats all six of us so we can all enjoy our meals along the island.”

Kristeena added the two chandeliers above the island to give the space some added flare. And those cookie jars on the counter, filled to the rim with perfection, are strictly for looks. It is not advisable to get caught with your hand in the jar!

“The cookie jars are always a conversation piece,” smiled Kristeena. “When we have guests over they always ask me if I stacked them and if I allow anyone to eat them. The answer is yes, I made them and, no, you can’t eat them.  I love switching them out with fun holiday themed cookies and candy.”

The adjoining dining room, which Kristeena admits is not regularly utilized, does play an integral role during holidays, as she decorates the table at Halloween and Christmas.

The master suite is another highlight of the home. Perhaps sanctuary would be a better word, as this is the place where the stresses of the day can easily melt away.

“Our master has a great entry area with a wood and tile floor feature my husband designed,” noted Kristeena, whose passion for lighting and chandeliers are evident in this space. “I loved adding that chandelier fixture to complete the space. With the dimmer switch it gives the room such an elegant feel.”

A favorite feature in the master bath is not readily apparent: a hidden television. Kristeena and Chris initially saw this in a bathroom in Las Vegas and decided to replicate it in their home.

“I love how it doesn’t take up wall or counter space yet still gives us the luxury of a bathroom television,” she indicated.

Transitioning to the living room, the high ceilings and wood beams amplify its strong yet welcoming personality. It invokes a formal sense of style with the fireplace and its custom-made stone mantel and stone to the ceiling accompaniments partnered with an elegant chandelier to continue that sophisticated vibe.

“This is one of my favorite spaces,” commented Kristeena. “I have always wanted a room I could put a piano in.”

The basement is a veritable staycation spot and is a key entertainment center of the home. The large bar area, which seats nine, enjoys a gorgeous limestone countertop that harmonizes beautifully with the brick walls. The tile flooring plays a major role as it easily caters to wet feet that come in from the backyard pool. On one side of the basement is the game area, which the Budigs intentionally designed with six games to keep their kids and friends entertained at home.

“So far our plan to keep our kids close has worked!” laughed Kristeena.

A built-in golf simulator has also been a huge hit. This is a where Chris enjoys spending time working on his swing. Plus, the simulator integrates football and baseball games for the kids.

Not to be outdone by the spectacular interior, the backyard offers a breath-taking transition to exciting outdoor living opportunities.

“We wanted our backyard to feel like a getaway space,” noted Kristeena. “We have two covered sitting areas. One is more of a lounging area with a sofa and oversized chairs.  We love sitting down there and watching TV.  The space has an awesome breeze that flows through it.”

There is also a beautiful outdoor swing that was custom built by the Budig’s good friend Darrin Clauder. Whether catching up with a good book or simply sneaking in an afternoon nap,  this swing is rarely at a loss for enthusiastic occupants.

The outdoor kitchen and bar area was a definite must-have for the Budigs. Equipped with a cook top and grill, dinner is served at the oversized bar that seats 12.  

Of course, the pool is the obvious focus of this area. Accented by fire and water features, it invokes a feeling of tranquility. The addition of the lazy river allowed the incorporation of a bridge that leads to the sunken fire pit. There is also a hidden tube slide under the waterfall that keeps the kids entertained.

“We were so grateful we had the heated pool this year,” emphasized Kristeena, referencing the current COVID-19 pandemic. “We have spent endless nights in this pool since April. This space turned out just the way we imagined and we have truly enjoyed every second of it.”

When not soaking up the abundance of amenities in and around her home, Kristeena enjoys tending to her design business – Designs by Kristeena. Having brought the vision she wanted to her own home, Kristeena wants to share her passion for what she calls “functional elegance” with others.


  • Architect: Bickford + Company
  • Builder: Todd Hill Homes
  • Pool Company: Banks Blue Valley Pool & Spa
  • Interior Designer: Designs by Kristeena
  • PR Firm: Azure Communications, Azure Miller

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