Tranquil Cascades

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There is something soothing, almost magical, about the gentle trickle of water that creates a garden paradise. Fountains and bird baths are an easy way to incorporate the tranquility of water into your landscape while providing a centerpiece or being that one missing piece in your outdoor design.

Fountains and bird baths come in everything from cast stone to ceramic, fiberglass to metal and in a variety of size and weight. Style and material choices are plentiful, but before you fall head over heels for a certain look there’s a few things to take into account when deciding which fountain or bird bath to bring home.

Cast Stone: Molded into virtually any design these are well liked for their durability. They tend to be heavier than other material choices.

Ceramic: Beautiful pottery comes to mind when you think of this popular material. Glazed ceramic and terra cotta make attractive colorful additions to your landscape.

Fiberglass: Popular for wall fountains due to their lighter weight, this material can be found with such popular finishes as weathered iron, antique copper and glazed ceramic.

Cast Metal: Known for adding a distinct elegant appearance to your landscape, this material is commonly used as a fountain wall mount. The bronze and copper will develop a patina finish that enhances their beauty.



 Bowl Resin and Fiberglass Zen Drop Fountain by Harmony Fountains

$359.99   |




Pedestal Bird Bath by Gardman

$47.99   |




Blue Talavera Bird Bath

$59.99.   |




Henri Studio Relic Nebbia Low Equinox Fountain

$579.99   |




Infinity Fusion Glass Bird Bath

$49.99   |




Ravena Outdoor Fountain

$235.99   |




Portofino Fountain

$254.95   |




Asian Garden Tiered Fountain with LED Light

$279.99   |




Dark Sphere Pillar Floor Fountain

$169.95   |




Arcade Outdoor Floor Fountain in Sandstone Finish

$399.60   |




3-Tier Water Fountain with Planter

$229.99   |



Costa Brava Outdoor Fountain


Kenroy Home Costa Brava Lighted Outdoor Fountain

$477   |



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