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If a company’s success is truly based upon the happiness of its clientele, then James Engle Custom Homes, LLC (JECH) is one highly successful custom home builder. The experiences customers have with this award-winning builder are nothing short of outstanding, and it all boils down to the systems they have in place that ensure a remarkable outcome. Since its inception in 2000, JECH has not only built homes, but this dynamic company has also cultivated meaningful relationships. To that point, approximately 10+ homes per year are repeat JECH customers. The people who work here don’t count the number of homes built, and instead focus on the satisfaction of each and every client. Every employee here operates from a solid foundation of integrity, trust, and passion for what they do. The results only serve as a testament to these characteristics.

Trust in the process: a win-win for everyone

JECH understands that efficiency is the order of the day if satisfaction and success are to follow. As the building environment constantly evolves and changes, they are always at the ready to meet the demands, the desires, and yes, even the challenges that come their way. Each step of the way, JECH stands beside each client to ensure a smooth and seamless transaction that results in a lifetime of memories. And it all begins with a focused approach to each project.

“We evolved into a process-oriented custom home builder,” noted Ben Tarwater, President. “We’ve created a system to customize a new home, but we do this in a process manner. This helps to keep the costs down and allows the client to get the home they want. In addition, we are constantly evolving and updating those processes. We receive feedback from our customers or from our employees and constantly update.”

A transparent communication portal, available 24/7

Open and honest communication is a highly integral part of the building equation for JECH. In order to ensure a smooth delivery of the final product, JECH relies on a comprehensive online portal platform.

“We were one of the first builders in the metro area to use an online portal and have since updated ours,” explained Tarwater. “This system allows clients to stay up-to-speed with scheduling, selections, cost of home, options and more. They can also customize their home digitally. Everything is backed up and reinforced through this portal.”

With an in-house architect and personally-appointed selection coordinators, JECH crafts each home to exacting standards, guaranteeing that no two homes are alike. While the company has a vast portfolio of plans available, each one is uniquely customized to the client’s liking. 

Keeping pace with ever-changing lifestyles

Building a custom home means giving yourself something that truly reflects your lifestyle. In recent years, that has translated to myriad changes in the way people live in their homes. While the formal dining room may not be a frequently used space anymore, new areas are beginning to take shape.

“The most prominent addition for which people ask is a prep area or second place just off the kitchen to prepare and store food,” noted Tarwater. “This used to be the pantry in homes the size we build now. Today, people want the additional area and the pantry, which can also include cabinets, a sink and even an extra oven.”

Jim Engle, Owner of James Engle Custom Homes also added that clients now request one or two offices, since working from home has become more of the norm.

“They may want two types of offices on the main floor, such as traditional one and a smaller pocket one,” Engle said.

The master bath area has also seen a few upgrades in terms of lifestyle requests.

“We have incorporated a separate room tied to the bathroom that can be used as a yoga room or a place for a sauna. It is unique ideas such as these that spark a conversation and give people new ideas. Anything different is a talking point,” Tarwater stated.  

Additionally, as part of JECH’s standard options, each home enjoys eight-foot tall garage doors, a 96% efficiency single stage gas furnace, a gas cook top in the kitchen, R-15 blown-in wall insulation and R-49 attic insulation, generous appliance and lighting allowances, a covered patio and deck, and so much more.

“We are also the largest builder in the area to use fiber cement siding on all of our homes,” expressed Tarwater. “This combined with double-wall construction provides a higher quality building envelope. This is a premium fiber cement product that is more durable and holds paint longer. We are committed to the use of premium products and advanced techniques. We are constantly evolving.”

It is not just the home designs that set this company apart. The employees of JECH are equally vital to its success. The average tenure is eight years, and more than half of the company’s employees have been with them for more than 10 years.

“Consistency with employees leads to a consistent process,” indicated Tarwater. “It also helps our repeat customers enjoy the same experience as they have in the past.”

James Engle Custom Homes is currently building in Century Farms, Chapel Hill, Arbor View, Mills Ranch, Prairie Village, Leawood, Fairway and Timber Rock.

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