Stylemakers 2023: Rosehill Gardens

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Rosehill Gardens


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If you have landscaping ideas in mind, hiring a landscape architect is one of the best investments you can make when it comes to this aspect of home improvement and elevated aesthetics. A landscape architect is trained to think of the project as a whole, bringing to the table a high level of technical expertise and knowledge that takes a project above and beyond the basic appointments and selections of plant and tree services. While a Landscape Architect and Designer both do some common things, the difference is that an Architect can work through many processes with various approvals and permitting processes and other contractors/utilities for coordination.

A landscape architect will focus on more complex aspects of a landscape design, as well, which requires advanced education and training. Amanda White, Landscape Architect with the professional landscaping team at Rosehill Gardens, in Kansas City, Missouri, has a master’s degree in Landscape Architecture and has completed various levels of testing and licensures. As one who specializes in high-end residential landscape projects, White’s resume is a strong testament to the skillsets she possesses from which her clients greatly benefit. Beyond that, White also integrates a high-level of passion for her work.

“I feel like I am able to create experience design and create a personal vacation for clients in their own yards,” she reflected.

Prior to joining the Rosehill Gardens team, White worked for Ochsner, Hare and Hare (OHH), a high-end landscape architecture firm in Kansas City. At OHH, she was able to build a strong portfolio in retail development design, which is akin to high-end residential landscaping, the focus being on creating themes, moments, and experiences for the user while blending all of the variables and attributes to make a functional outdoor space. This made the transition to residential design at Rosehill Gardens an easy adjustment. 

As she advances her career at Rosehill Gardens, White incorporates her expertise and background into her current projects. With a passion for higher-end projects, White enjoys bringing clients’ visions to life and creating unique and innovative outdoor experiences best suited for their needs, wants, and lifestyle. Her award-winning work is indicative of her long-standing interest in her craft.

By age 10, White knew she wanted to be an architect. She would meticulously create a floor plan from cut out pieces of paper and images of people from a retail store catalogue. She eventually felt drawn to landscape architecture, most notably because she could tap deep into her creative side.

“I feel less limited with my creativity and feel this type of architecture provides more options to the puzzle,” explained White, who views each project as a different puzzle with different rules and outcomes based the owner’s wants and needs. “There are so many variables to apply, and I thrive on that challenge. When I get to a design I like, that is when I get really inspired and excited.”

It is that high level of energy, enthusiasm and passion that opens the door for trust from her clients. They see her excitement for their vision, coupled with her experienced background, and realize she will deliver precisely on what they want.

For White, each project is more than providing a breath-taking final result. She also sees her work as a part of her legacy.

“I get to have an impact on what is built throughout our city and create spaces where families gather, play, host parties, have weddings, and make memories,” she reflected. “That is a real privilege for me.”

White appreciates working at Rosehill Gardens for the opportunity it provides her to flex her creative muscles in unique and challenging ways, following through on her design as she is involved with the crews through installation.

“I enjoy having the choice of materials, as we have our own nursery and stock, and I can direct what plants I forecast being able to use in whatever trends and styles are evolving in the market,” reflected White. “Plus, the company as a whole is extremely supportive to each of our directions and strengths as designers. Each designer has something unique to bring to the table, each with a different talent, and the owners have done a tremendous job of fostering that to develop the best landscape team.”

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White emphasized the importance of thorough collaboration with clients. She indicated clients need to think through what they want and also communicate those wants with their spouse or partner, including discussions on needs and budget. White requires all pieces of the puzzle so she can come up with the best solution as quickly as possible to deliver the best results.

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