Stylemakers 2023: Karin Ross Designs

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Karin Ross Designs


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If Karin Ross had just one piece of advice for anyone out there who has even been remotely thinking about doing a kitchen and/or bath remodeling project, it would be this: “Just do it now.”

“This is still a good time to do the projects you have been thinking about,” emphasized Ross, owner of the award-winning design+build firm, Karin Ross Designs. “Don’t wait for prices to drop. Just pull the trigger now.”

Ross noted prices are not going up at this point and that is a good time to move forward on your remodeling plans.

“Doing a bath or kitchen remodeling project allows you to embrace yourself for a better you and a place just for yourself,” she reflected.

Ross is ever the consummate professional. Second to none, her work is a reflection not only of her innate talents but also of her resiliency, patience, understanding, and competence. Have there been delays in recent months or increases in labor costs? Of course, but that has been standard for the industry across the board. Ross always emphasizes the need for patience on behalf of her clients. However, with that patience comes a stunning and extremely satisfying end result. When clients work with Ross, they quickly discover it is always worth the wait, as well as the investment.

“Our goal is to make sure clients are happy,” Ross explained. “However, we also have to set expectations in terms of what timelines will be so we can confidently and seamlessly work together to complete the project exactly to their specifications and vision.”

A dedicated professional, Ross intently and thoughtfully listens to the ideas of the client, provides her own insight, and designs a product with longevity in mind. She leans into the timeless and classic look but is not short-sighted when it comes to incorporating one’s sense of style and personality.

“This is your space, and you have to love and enjoy it,” she smiled. “I am not opposed to adding pops of color or following a certain trend as long as it can easily be changed or fixed down the road. I do want my clients to do what makes them happy. After all, this is their space. It should uplift them and make them feel good about themselves and their home.”

No matter to what degree Ross sets expectations, she realizes she is not for everyone, and that is okay.

“I believe the client has the right to select a contractor with whom they feel comfortable, one whose style will align with theirs. I will only take on projects for which I know I can give my all, as my clients deserve the best,” reflected Ross.

Extremely proactive in her approach, Ross anticipates what might happen and resolves issues before clients even realize there are any issues. A purveyor of truly custom design+build jobs, Ross is a strong leader in the remodeling industry. She can take a project from beginning to end that beautifully and effectively captures each client’s desires. With all of this in mind,   perhaps Nike expressed it best for Ross’ clients: Just do it!

“There is no better time to get it done,” urged Ross. “What are you waiting for?”

What’s Next

Ross emphasized color is highlighting the design stage. However, it doesn’t necessarily have to come from cabinets or countertops. “A burst of color can be fun and unexpected,” she noted. “It can come from a set of dishes or a set of glasses or even by painting a wall. You have to have your fun!”

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