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Suma Design and Construction


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When Mark Sumada, owner of Suma Design and Construction Company, first began honing his craft within the modern/ contemporary home building arena, he had just barely scratched the surface of what that might look like. Over the ensuing years, he continued to elevate his style, seemingly moving up a notch within his design portfolio year after year. He has now come to a place where he is on the forefront of contemporary home design and continues to push the proverbial envelope in that regard.

As a result of his deliberate approach to each home he creates, Sumada takes care of his clients and is highly involved throughout the entire process of construction. No matter the design or price point, clients always get the builder with Suma Design and Construction. Further, clients get what they want.

“We showcase our products in our models with the added advantage of being in a position to do what the client wants us to do,” Sumada emphasized. “We are a design-build builder, and we will design, redesign, and customize a home to meet the client’s needs.”

Among those needs/wants today include changes to the exterior and interior appointments and overall design elements of the home. From an exterior perspective, Sumada indicated he is starting to get clients who want a more contemporary façade and front elevation. And with the use of 3D virtual design programs, we can create new designs for our clients as they watch.

“This includes elements such as flat-lined roofs, low pitched roofs, and cleaner lines,” he indicated. “We are not seeing requests for much in terms of ornamentation on the front of homes. People are leaning towards a more simplistic look.”

When it comes to the interior of his homes, Sumada emphasized most clients love technology and automation, such as automated lighting, entertainment systems, and appliances, for example. 

“Clients really like a fully integrated, high-tech home,” he expressed. “This also includes solar panels, heated floors, induction cook tops, and attention to energy efficiency.” And when it comes to energy efficiency, all of Sumada’s homes meet the 5A energy rating.

“The government HERS rating is 64, and ours, at 62, is well below that,” noted Sumada. “We use elements such as 95% efficient furnaces, caulking packages, blown-in insulation, and insulated windows to keep those ratings so low.”

Because of the energy efficient packages integrated into Sumada’s homes, the heating and cooling savings can be significant, with most homeowners seeing a monthly bill of approximately $150.00 combined.

But a Suma Design home is more than just about cost savings. Each home is built with the client in mind. These houses have set the standard for what it means to be different, unique, and even perhaps a bit daring in presentation, but that is perfectly fine with Sumada, whose creative and visionary wheels never cease to spin.

“When people see what we can do and the products we create, they realize that is what they want,” smiled Sumada. “Our homes uniquely stand out, and we have basically created our own niche in this regard. As a custom builder, we are driven by the consumer. We will take your ideas and make it your own, spending the necessary time to make it all work and put everything into the home you want.”

Sumada’s work speaks to anyone who appreciates his design language. He stands out as an experienced and well-regarded custom builder with an impressive portfolio of designs, all of which can be tailored and customized for the client.

Fresh Views…

Suma Design and Construction cautions its clients to avoid trends so whatever they choose does not go out of style in five years or so. Sumada suggests aiming for a more timeless presentation and feel. 

“Opt for a clean color palette so when you switch out colors, it is with things that are easily disposable, such as pillows and art,” he noted. “Keep it simple!”

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