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Stumpff HomeWorks


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If it’s true that a picture speaks a thousand words, then perhaps we should just stop right here and let the corresponding photos do the talking. The level of craftsmanship, skill, and ingenuity that have become the hallmarks of Stumpff HomeWorks, an award-winning, full-service professional remodeling company, tend to render one temporarily speechless. The work this company does is so good, in fact, that you may never look at a home remodeling project the same way again. With a heavy focus on innovative craftsmanship and attention to detail, owner Tom Stumpff not only enjoys what he does, but his dedication to his craft is at the fiber of his very being.

“I enjoy what I do and all aspects of it,” he reflected. “Granted, the design portion is fun to do, but I get excited about it all.”

Armed with a proven track record within the home building and remodeling arena, Stumpff has extensive hands-on experience within all areas of construction. When he was 23 years old, he began working for a high-end contractor in town, cutting his professional teeth by learning everything about the trade he possibly could. He ambitiously advanced through the ranks of laborer, carpenter, and lead carpenter. His desire to learn more and acquire more skills never wavered. In 2011, he decided to strike out on his own and established Stumpff HomeWorks.

Of course, there was definitely a learning curve to being his own boss – and he had to put in the work to develop his portfolio – but fast forward to 2022 and his company has expanded to include a team 10-people strong, including two designers, three carpenters, a shop carpenter, and an in-house electrician and painter. Stumpff demands the best of himself, so it is no surprise that equal demands are placed upon his dedicated team of experienced artisans.

“We are all driven by the projects and by the people for whom we do the work,” he expressed. “We develop a relationship with our clients, with the goal of turning out a project they will enjoy and that we will enjoy delivering to them. We all come to each project with the same attitude.”

Stumpff HomeWorks tends to every detail with just as much precision as they do pride. While the work they produce is superior, Stumpff knows there is always room for improvement.

“We are always trying to get better,” he emphasized. “We do what we think is the best way and the right way to do things. Our focus is on creating a nice and timeless look through a clean and cohesive approach.”

Innately talented, Stumpff has enjoyed building things since he was a kid and has a keen eye for presentation.

“Right from the start, I visually know what each project will require,” he said. “There is no guesswork here. My knowledge extends from knowing the basics, understanding all facets, and creating something clients will love.”

Further, Stumpff and his team offer peace of mind to clients by taking great care in creating a clean and well-attended environment within each home.

“When we set up a job, we make sure the clients don’t even notice we are there, and we keep the work as contained to the space as we possibly can,” smiled Stumpff. “We soon become part of the family, so don’t be surprised if we bring in the trash cans or grab your newspaper for you.”

Fresh View…

The creative wheels continually spin in Stumpff’s mind, and he embraces each new project with heightened enthusiasm. “It’s inspiring to imagine what we will do next,” he said. “We keep pushing ourselves to improve, to do new things, and embrace a bigger, more intimate process. It’s exciting to see what new project is out there for us.”

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