StyleMakers 2022: Rosehill Gardens

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Rosehill Gardens


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When you don’t simply rely on searching for new landscapes but instead use new eyes to envision what is already there, the end result can make you not only see a place differently, but also use it differently. For example, this Mission Hills home enjoyed a stunning landscape makeover at the hands of one of Rosehill Gardens’ finest landscape designers, Jason Opheim.


Opheim is part of a team 150-strong with a company that has provided 100+ years of professional landscaping and more. He graduated with a degree in Landscape Design from South Dakota State University and has amassed a career portfolio 27 years strong with residential projects at all price points, from just $500.00 to over one million dollars in both new construction and renovation.With each new project he manages, his initial vision beautifully transforms into breath-taking results. 

“The owners of this home were looking for something small, unique, and comfortable for relaxing and entertaining in their backyard,” expressed Opheim, who worked from a picture of a fireplace the homeowners wanted, which was a design from a previous company that never was able to capture and complete that look for them.That is where Opheim and his talents stepped in. He modified the design, added the synthetic turf the homeowners wanted, and provided all of the landscape elements.

To begin this project, Opheim and his team removed the old stone wall and existing brick patio and created a unique small space for the fireplace. The focus was on keep the presentation natural, taking into consideration the “greenspace” for drainage.

“I recommended the square cut natural stones, and the homeowner really liked the look of the synthetic turf in between the stones,” noted Opheim, who then finished off the area with simple landscape appointments.

Among the materials incorporated into this space were natural limestone for the fireplace and walls, with custom cut Indiana limestone caps for the wall and fireplace. Opheim then installed cream cut 24”x24” stone for the patio, which plays in perfect concert with the synthetic turf in between.

“For shade, we relied on simple plantings, such as hostas, hydrangeas, boxwoods, variegated liriope, and low spreading yews,” explained Opheim.

“The key area of this project was the gas burning fireplace and the patio,” noted Opheim, who designed the area in this small backyard for optimum functionality. He completed the entire picture with landscape lighting, which, by night, elevates the space to an entirely new level in artistic beauty.

Fresh View…

Opheim emphasized that when creating a space, you should make sure it says something about yourself and your personality. This makes it feel authentic and comfortable when you are either entertaining guests or just enjoying the space with your family. If you merely design something based on what you saw on television or online just because you think it looks amazing, it won’t tell the story about you and your family. Remain true to yourself in your design.

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