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If you asked architect Scott Bickford what he does all day, he would probably reply, “Design, plan, and develop.” But in reality, he really just has a lot of fun. A rare combination of magician, artist, and innovator, Bickford has the uncanny knack to create something from nothing. Because of his ability to understand things from an architectural point of view, Bickford simply sees the world differently than most people. His sole purpose with respect to what he delivers to his clients is to inspire, delight and intrigue, and he never fails to deliver on that concept. As Kansas Citians, we are blessed to have the best of the best when it comes to talented and experienced architects, and Scott Bickford undoubtedly leads the pack in this regard.

As owner and founder of the award-winning Bickford & Company Residential Architects, he leads a team of nine other talented professionals who help him carry his vision for highly innovative concepts and brings them to fruition. He operates by a philosophy to which he refers to as “personal architecture.”

“By this term, we mean individualized residential architecture, developed through a team approach involving not only our staff of professional designers but also the builder and especially the client,” explained Bickford, a 40+ year professional who is a member of the American Institute of Architects and associate member of the Home Builders Association. “We take great pride in creating client-centered custom designs and in resolving difficult or unusual circumstances to achieve the result best suited to the client.”

But what makes the architectural masterpieces which flow from Bickford’s renderings so unique is that they embrace a special kind of simplicity amidst all the complexity such artisan work requires.

“Everyone still wants a place to eat, sleep, and cook,” he expressed. “But everyone’s vision of what that looks like is different, and that is what makes this job fun. It forces us to shape things differently with each new project. We go wherever the client takes us.”

While Bickford and his team have completed thousands of projects over the years, there is always room for growth and further understanding of the craft. Bickford never wants to stop learning. That is what motivates him to continue to create. His work can be seen throughout the metro area, and some of his recent projects can be found in Loch Lloyd, which has recently made an expansion in development.

As for what Bickford thinks will transpire in the future of residential architecture, he really doesn’t see too many significant changes on the road ahead.

“Homes are a reflection of our lifestyle,” he noted. “People still have families, and they need to eat, and sleep. However, people are putting more emphasis on the activities in which they engage the most. This extends to things like home offices, gyms, sport courts, and swimming pools. We are seeing more of an emphasis on these things as well as a huge uptick in outdoor living spaces.”

In other words, Bickford listens intently to fully understand the lifestyle of his clients and how they want the space to function, in a sense, being insightfully thoughtful about the making of the home. Bickford and his team advance the practice of personal architecture with a keen focus on the clients coupled with an understanding of the environment in which the project is set. As a result, the client enjoys a well-made home that tends to the manner in which the client desires to live. That, in and of itself, is refreshing to Bickford, as he never wants to stop learning and discovering new things.

“After all these years, I still try to learn something new every day,” smiled Bickford. “It keeps things interesting.”


Bickford indicated clients are still leaning towards open floors plans with a fresher presence to them. Even if the space is traditional, French, or even farmhouse in design, clients still want it more inspired in new and creative ways. In other words, there is always a place for a modern influence, no matter the chosen style.

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