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Aqua Blue Designs


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There are myriad reasons to get a pool: personal enjoyment, health pursuits, relaxation, and just creating special memories with family and friends. If you have always envisioned yourself with a stunning backyard oasis but never really knew how to jump-start that dream, then now is the time to turn to the trusted experts at Aqua Blue Designs Inc. 

“People are looking to their backyards more and more and are wanting do something fun and interesting,” expressed Norm Whitted, owner of Aqua Blue Designs, Inc., a locally owned, bonded, and fully insured business and premier installer of fiberglass pools and spas.

Fiberglass pools have seen a steady increase in popularity in recent years, and for good reason. They are easy to maintain; they work great with saltwater chlorination, Ozone and UV systems; they can be installed faster (think: days instead of weeks or months); and they are typically more cost effective than concrete. A fiberglass pool is a standout in the longevity department, too. A concrete pool requires resurfacing about every seven to 10 years, while a vinyl liner pool needs a liner replacement about every 10-12 years. A fiberglass pool requires only that you continue to enjoy it year after year. Plus, a fiberglass pool has the potential to increase the value of your home, but this can vary by location.

When you partner with Aqua Blue Designs Inc., you are working with one of the area’s oldest and most experienced fiberglass pool contractors and installers. With 22+ years in the business, Whitted and his team have a leading edge when it comes to overall knowledge of fiberglass pools and why this backyard pool material stands far above the other options (such as vinyl and concrete), as well as the experience and expertise to help you create the backyard of your dreams.

“Fiberglass pools are more popular than ever, and we have seen great demand for them within the Kansas City area,” emphasized Whitted.

Aqua Blue Designs Inc. specializes in custom work and designs each pool specifically to the client’s needs and desires. Along with the benefit of a lifetime structural warranty, these pools are spectacularly beautiful. Further, because Whitted works with several manufacturers, he can offer clients a selection of nearly 300 different shapes, sizes, and configurations in a variety of colors. 

“We can produce a variety of custom-made pools that include the highly popular tanning ledges, beach entries, diving boards, waterfalls, spas, and infinity edges, all of which enhance the appeal and usefulness of your pool,” emphasized Whitted. “Our pools are also available with automatic covers to keep debris, dust and other elements out of them when not in use.”

A well-constructed fiberglass pool can last at least 50 years, provided it is taken care of and well-maintained. Plus, since fiberglass does not require a lot of extra work and maintenance, a fiberglass pool will be kind to your budget, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in maintenance and upkeep over the years compared to its concrete and vinyl liner pool counterparts.

If you are ready to dive into pool ownership, Aqua Blue Designs Inc. is ready to make that dream come true.

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In most applications, fiberglass pools are superior to concrete (gunite) pools and are enjoying increased popularity around the world. Among the many benefits of fiberglass pools include less maintenance, quicker installation times, superior durability, and sound structure. Plus, the non-porous nature of the material makes it more difficult for algae to grow, keeping your pool water cleaner and healthier. 

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