Starting The New Year in Non-Basic Black

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Story by Ashley White of Le Stylo Rouge     |     Photos by Sabrina Osborn

Welcome to 2023, KC! Are you putting those resolutions to good use? I’ve resolved to take some (more) fashion risks – hence the vinyl leggings you see here!

This look is about making an all-black ensemble anything but basic. One tried and true way to do this? Experiment with different textures and fabrics! These vinyl leggings definitely check that box. The key to finding vinyl that works is to choose a stretchy, body-con option. I went with a legging rather than a pant for the stretch factor. This ensured a snug, seamless fit without a lot of unflattering wrinkling and folding. (If you’re in the market – this specific pair is from Spanx.)

To balance the body-con nature of the leggings, I chose a super slouchy sweater. I love the way the soft knit juxtaposes against the tougher vinyl – worlds colliding! A bold “LEGEND” proclamation across the chest is a tongue-in-cheek way to add some personality to the look.

I really wanted a tough shoe, so I grabbed a pair of patent combat boots. A fun, on-trend boot moment. Bonus: some serious tread for grip on snowy sidewalks – it is a Kansas City winter, after all!

To stay warm, a vegan leather puffer coat finishes the look. I love how chic and functional puffers like this are; if we need a coat, it should make a statement!

What do you think? Did we achieve the goal of all-black but not basic? I think so!

Stay warm and stylish, KC!

You can find Ashley at or on Instagram at @ashrockchalk

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