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Tradition Home Group

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The well-respected Tradition Home Group, led by lifelong friends Shannon Stumpenhaus and Nickole Stark-Glover, is ceaselessly devoted to attaining excellence and providing an outstanding experience for their clientele. This dedication to excellence is evidenced in their multifaceted approach, with an emphasis on providing a unique and unparalleled real estate experience, perhaps similar to that of a dedicated concierge. As an integral part of the trusted Compass Realty Group brokerage, Tradition Home Group upholds an unwavering commitment to always act with integrity and authenticity.

Further, this remarkable team continues to scale new pinnacles of success, as each passing year unveils an enhanced renewal of their boundless potential, a natural outcome of their passion, dedication, and enthusiasm, all of which they channel into their work.

Last year, Tradition Home Group introduced their latest endeavor, “Our Favorite Things,” a lifestyle emporium that boasts an array of home décor, furniture, and thoughtful gifts, setting a new standard of style in the Kansas City marketplace.

“It had long been our goal to create such an establishment,” said Stark-Glover, underscoring the sentiments that led to the genesis of their lifestyle store. With an abundance of one-of-a-kind offerings, this retail store showcases a handpicked assortment of the most unique items, each thoughtfully selected to resonate with the refined tastes of their clients.

Located in The Village at Burlington Creek Shopping Center in Kansas City, this delightful store stands as a testament to their commitment to offer a comprehensive solution for all your home design and gifting needs. From a wide selection of wallpapers to opulent furnishings and captivating artworks, Our Favorite Things leaves no stone unturned in catering to every facet of your home. Each item is carefully curated, adding layers of excitement and elegance to their collection, ensuring every room finds its perfect complement. Moreover, the offerings span a wide spectrum of price ranges, catering to diverse preferences and budgetary considerations. Whether you seek to acquire a sofa promptly or desire to create an entirely personalized design, Tradition Home Group and Our Favorite Things stand prepared to fulfill your aspirations.

Further, this haven of taste easily partners with their real estate business, meticulously designed to make your journey to a new home a seamless and gratifying experience. At every step of the home buying and selling process, Tradition Home Group is ready to provide unparalleled customer service. For them, there is no greater joy than guiding their clients through the exciting journey of transforming a house into a cherished home. This tireless quest for excellence is evident in the selection of exceptional items sourced not only from various corners of the country but also from across the globe. 

“We take pride in featuring items we greatly admire, some of which are a rarity here in Kansas City,” emphasized Stark-Glover.

Acknowledging the evolving landscape of the real estate market, Stumpenhaus noted, “As the demands shift, and the available inventory fluctuates, we offer a great alternative, which is to reimagine and rejuvenate your existing home. With our interior design experience, we enable clients to envision fresh possibilities within the confines of their spaces.”

As such, Tradition Home Group possesses a unique knack for unraveling their clients’ desires, artfully translating visions into reality. 

“Many clients have an idea as to what they want yet need a guiding hand to fully capture their vision,” expressed Stark-Glover. “We enjoy playing that pivotal role. Our passion extends beyond real estate transactions. We take pleasure in helping individuals find what they truly love for their homes.”

Whether you are in pursuit of your dream home or are envisioning a captivating ambiance within your current place, Tradition Home Group has set the standard for expertise, experience, and artistic flair. Their focus remains on perfecting their services, ensuring the home buying or selling experience is enjoyable and seamless.


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