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Ashner Legacy Community

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Story by Judy Goppert    |    Sponsored Content

There is something exciting going on in the coveted Wilshire Hills neighborhood created by Jeff Ashner, Ashner Construction, and his brother, Chris Ashner, Bodine-Ashner Builders.

Wilshire Hills is truly a unique piece of land, featuring a 1,000-foot-long entry before the first lot even comes into view featuring their iconic entry columns. Surrounded by mature trees and nature, it is situated up high on a hill, so many residents benefit from mile-long views. It is comprised of cul-de-sacs and enclaves, with the central focal point being the upcoming community area. Somewhat resembling a nature reserve, Wilshire Hills is almost completely wrapped with a native vegetation band to give a natural buffer between the residents and surrounding neighbors. The second plat of lots is now available for new home starts.

Both want people to know there is a beehive of activity these days. When you drive in, you’ll notice lots of rooftops and unique architecture from traditional to modern. There is not only a wide variety of architectural choices, but also a wide variety of homesites.     

“We have always prided ourselves by centrally locating our community amenities to create a heart for the neighborhood,” they commented.

The road to the neighborhood at 167th and Hayes Street is slated to be improved by the city of Overland Park. It is still a rural farm road, and they will soon improve the infrastructure to make 167th Street a boulevard. 

Jeff and Chris Ashner revered their father, Leo Ashner, who lived to the age of 95 as spry and creative as he was as a young man. He created the first master-planned community in the Midwest, Four Colonies in Lenexa, Kansas, in the early 1970s. His sons are inspired by his forward-thinking ingenuity.

Their dad had a handwritten list of names inspired by the English countryside, including Berkshire, Wilshire and such, so they used the name Wilshire as a starting point. They built the first Wilshire in the early 90s and now have Wilshire Woods, Wilshire South, Wilshire Place, Wilshire Ridge, Wilshire by the Lake, Wilshire Farms in addition to the newest, Wilshire Hills. 

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“We have been in this community a lifetime and are writing the next chapter with Wilshire Hills. We like taking a piece of new ground and building our community and seeing people move in and enjoy it. We drive around sometimes in past neighborhoods, and often remark to each other about how well our communities are maturing and how they have flourished. They age nicely and that’s really something we pride ourselves on,” they concurred. “It’s not just a business to sell lots, we are building neighborhoods where people can put down roots and grow their families throughout a lifetime.”

What’s next on the horizon for this ambitious pair of builders? Watch and see. The sky is the limit! Additionally, both are now building at Wilshire Hills, adding their unique imagination, talent and insight to homes, design and the community atmosphere.



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