Stars 2022: Sharon G. Aubuchon

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Sharon G. Aubuchon

“Use your voice for kindness, your ears for compassion, your hands for charity, your mind for truth, and your heart for love.” – Anonymous

It’s been said the highest form of knowledge is empathy. If that is the case, then Sharon G. Aubuchon is truly an esoteric fountain of knowledge.

One day while shopping for light fixtures, Debbie Graham spent a couple of frustrating hours trying to figure out what to get. She simply wasn’t enjoying this outing. During this time, Aubuchon greeted Graham and cheerfully said, “Don’t you just love picking out lights?” Graham actually confessed that, no, she did not. 

“I was confused and there were so many on back order that would not be in until after I needed them,” recalled Graham over her frustrations at the time. “However, Sharon immediately offered to help me. Her enthusiasm was delightful and reassuring. I quickly learned she loved light fixtures and real estate.”

After the two engaged in further conversation, that led to meeting at different stores over the course of the next few weeks and even sharing lunch and visiting at Graham’s home. A friendship had blossomed under the most unexpected of circumstances. During the ensuing weeks, Graham realized just how dedicated Aubuchon is to selling homes and helping people find the next one.

“It was very impressive how professional and knowledgeable she was,” said Graham. “Before long we were in heavy preparation for my home to go live. I knew we had met for a reason almost immediately.”

When people talk, Aubuchon listens completely. In that listening, the real meaning and purpose of the established connection is revealed.

“Sharon and I connected on many levels,” reflected Graham. “Her appreciation for my home and style which we shared made her so easy to communicate with. My calls and texts were answered promptly. Her attention to detail was especially encouraging.”

When Graham lost her husband to Lyme Disease a year ago, she faced challenges when it came to marketing her home and purchasing another one. 

“He was a building contractor, real estate developer, and property manager,” noted Graham, who, without his expertise, felt lost in the process. Fortunately, she had a growing friendship with Aubuchon, whose heart of compassion and desire to help others was at the ready.

“Sharon helped fill the gap with her knowledge and expertise,” recalled Graham. “I sensed her honesty and forthrightness. She didn’t become a leading luxury Realtor without doing the hard work she does to make her clients truly happy. Sharon got the job completed. I am so thankful for her holding my hand, so to speak, throughout the entire process. I have loved working with her.”

Aubuchon proved her talent by getting Graham’s home sold so quickly while also helping Graham find a new place. Even though it seemed a bit chaotic and fast-paced for Graham, she was equally reassured by Aubuchon’s professional handling of the entire experience.

“Together we worked intensely to find options that fit my taste and price range,” noted Graham. “If she found a property of interest, she would send me the link to it.  If I found a possibility, she made a quick appointment for a showing. Truly, she made me feel as if I was her only client, even though she is so very busy.”

Graham praised Aubuchon for her hard work and diligence in seamlessly moving things along in a promising direction. Graham never felt pressured or uncertain as to what decision to make or in which direction to go. Aubuchon guided Graham through the process, respecting Graham for the decisions she made.

“I love how she invited my family to be a part of the process when needed,” reflected Graham. “When someone values my children and my grandchildren and invites their opinions, I am so blessed and thankful.”

“Sometimes it takes only one act of kindness and caring to change a person’s life.” – Jackie Chan

“Sharon has generously given her time and effort to help me through both selling my beautiful home to being in contract to buying another,” expressed Graham. 

Just two weeks after Graham’s home went into contract, she had signed a contract to purchase her next home. She could never have dreamed this would be her reality. The efficiency of the entire process made Graham realize the true essence of Aubuchon’s character.

“For me, and I am sure this goes for most of her clients, Sharon becomes a friend, not just a Realtor,” smiled Graham. “She is so natural, funny, perceptive, and willing to put you at ease and help in any way. Sharon has exceeded my expectations, and her accomplishments attest to her success. This lady is a real go-getter. She has made this process easier than I could have imagined. I am so thankful for our first encounter at the lighting store.”

“The most rewarding part of what I do are the amazing friends I have made in my job,” smiled Aubuchon. “It is so fulfilling to truly help people and make new friends, like Debbie and her family. I wish I could have met her husband, Dennis, what a wonderful person he was and his mantra of ‘every day is a gift’ exudes that.”

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