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Karin Ross Designs

Patience is not just about having the ability to wait. It is also about having a good attitude while waiting. Another way of looking at it is to understand that patience is accepting that things can occur in an order other than you expected or anticipated and still turn out just fine.

It’s no secret that in the era of the coronavirus pandemic, demand for labor has been high and supplies have been low. It’s a challenge with which industries across the board have had to deal. The home remodeling industry is not immune to the challenges businesses are facing today. Even dedicated professionals who endeavor to only deliver the best in products, quality, style, and presentation are having to continually adjust their sails in order to navigate these rocky waters.

However, this change in trajectory is creating somewhat of a change in perspective when it comes to how people view their homes. Due to longer wait times for product and installation, they are learning how to appreciate and value their homes instead of taking them for granted. 

When the pandemic forced individuals to spend more time in their homes, they realized the   importance of having a functional, comfortable, and intentionally designed home. As such, they have turned to highly respected interior designers such as Karin Ross. As owner of Karin Ross Designs, a design+build firm with a showroom in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, Ross specializes in bespoke crafted kitchens and bathrooms. She is also a solid testament to what it means to employ resilience, patience, understanding, competence, and quality at a time when some things are somewhat out of her control.

“Yes, we are experiencing delays in product arrival, time frame for installation and everything else, but fortunately those delays are less than when they were earlier on in the pandemic,” Ross emphasized. “We are doing all we can do behind the scenes to minimize those time frames and are working to make it more convenient and truly worth the wait for the customer.”

Ross emphasized that patience is a necessary virtue when remodeling a kitchen and/or bathroom. After all, she and her team of experts are creating a masterpiece. 

“Manufacturers set the rules on when product will arrive,” noted Ross. “We do our part to minimize the costs to you. As such, we won’t pay extra shipping fees just to get something here sooner. We set our expectations up front with each client so there is no room for disappointment.”

Other things clients need to understand is that delays are not subject to discount by the manufacturer now and delivery times are estimates.

“We are reasonable in our approach to each project when it comes to these factors we cannot necessarily control,” expressed Ross. “However, because we create truly custom spaces and pay close attention to every single detail, we believe the end result is worth the wait. We just respectfully request that during this journey of delivering a custom project to you, you simply bear with us as we deal with these hurdles.”

After all, it is not every day you have the unique opportunity to work with an award-winning designer known for her attention to detail and crafting your own unique story through the creative expression of your inspirations exquisitely paired with Ross’ impeccable designs. She truly understands each individual’s lifestyle and needs, delivering results that are not only breathtaking but that also have a reputation for setting the standards for contemporary luxury.

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