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David Slawson

It’s been a rather circuitous road for David Slawson to get to where he is today, but the ride has definitely been worth it.

Licensed as a real estate agent in 1990, he pursued that path part time while simultaneously managing a physician’s office. Certain life changes led him down the healthcare path for several more years before he made the decision to pivot and return to a career in real estate full time back in 2017.

“I refer to this as my encore career,” he smiled. By all appearances, it was a wise decision and one that seems to be the perfect fit for this friendly, approachable, knowledgeable, and experienced professional whose penchant for self-discipline and organization, coupled with an innate drive to succeed, means that clients receive the utmost in customer service.

Slawson’s approach to helping clients buy and/or sell a home is simple, yet just as profound.  He understands the emotional piece behind the process and will patiently work with clients every step of the way. A fountain of knowledge in business, education, and healthcare, Slawson is equally adept at providing guidance, wisdom, and insight as he helps clients navigate and understand the various facets of the home buying and selling process. In short, he takes the fear and anxiety out of the equation and replaces it with inspired feelings of confidence, excitement, and overall satisfaction. Further, with a comprehensive background in healthcare that includes an emphasis on mental health, Slawson is well-versed as to how the human mind works.

“Buying or selling a home is an emotional experience for the people involved,” he reflected. “Plus, my prior career taught me how to manage people, deal with emotions, and to develop certain processes. I can help people manage their feelings throughout the buying and selling process. And before my career in healthcare, I worked in higher education. As a result, I understand the educational process of buying or selling a home, which allows me to layout that process somewhat like an academic course. A syllabus, if you will.”

Slawson enjoys working for ReeceNichols because of the welcoming presence of its people and the great variety of personalities it promotes. Plus, with such a diverse and experienced background, Slawson easily assumes the mentorship role at the office.

“I enjoy teaching new agents,” he said.

However, there is even more to Slawson than meets the eye. He has taken his real estate career to a whole new level with the incorporation of his own piece of real estate: The 400: A Brookside Bed and Breakfast. Slawson purchased this place in 2013 and turned it into a B&B a year later. With over 5,000 square feet of space, this 100-year-old residence has been beautifully renovated with updated bedrooms, bathrooms, and a new kitchen.

The 400 can accommodate up to 90 nights a month with its three fully appointed suites. This charming estate is definitely a place to relax, recharge, and escape the daily grind for a while. 

Stunning highlights of the B&B include multiple indoor and outdoor spaces, a rustic den with a fireplace; five other fireplaces throughout the home, a second-floor casual dining room with French windows; and great views of the surrounding neighborhood. The 400 is the ideal place to break away from the chaos and immerse yourself in the moment. And Slawson enjoys his role as proprietor therein.

“This definitely keeps me busy,” he emphasized. “But it also weaves in nicely to my real estate business. I often have guests that turn into clients.”

Further, this 100-year-old home appeals to his taste for older/vintage homes. However, no matter where he works with clients on either side of the state line or at what price point, Slawson is ready to help with any transaction. As Top Agent in his office in 2021, Slawson sold 70 homes and had $17.7 million in volume. He shows no signs of slowing down at all, either.

“Every year since I started, I’ve doubled what I did the year before,” he noted. 

Plus, by all accounts, he really seems to enjoy his work. Perhaps there are more than just a few good reasons to hire Slawson for your real estate needs, then. Perhaps there are 400 of them!

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