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Crystal Gatewood

If you had to study the anatomy of the ideal real estate agent, you would discover it requires a great mind full of amazing ideas, two ears that love to listen, two eyes to see the potential, and a huge heart of compassion. Bearing that in mind, then, Crystal Gatewood is the ideal real estate professional.

An independent real estate consultant for RE/MAX Infinity, Gatewood has definitely helped a variety of satisfied clients buy and sell homes throughout her career. However, her talents also extend themselves into a deeper level of the real estate process. One of the most impressive elements of her professional resume is her ability to effectively stage and design homes in preparation for selling them. Her extensive background in design, remodeling, and staging easily sets her apart from the pack. As a result, her clients are better positioned to sell their homes faster and for higher prices, maximizing the value of their home. 

Gatewood, who has a degree in Psychology and a background in social work, began her career in real estate in Dallas, Texas in 2005 before making the move back to her Kansas City roots. A native of Harrisonville, Missouri, Gatewood appreciates the friendliness of a small-town atmosphere, and that approachability is evident in her presence. Connecting with people is what she does best, and she will always place a premium on relationships above all else. 

“I enjoy working with clients and getting to know them,” she reflected. “To me, this job is more about the people than the price. My top priority is the happiness of my clients and helping them achieve their goals. I also enjoy making lasting relationships in the process.”

Gatewood’s prowess in design, remodeling, and staging has given her a decided edge within the industry. She has a keen eye for all related facets, and that talent has helped elevate her business in exciting ways.

“My expertise is useful for clients who desire to purchase a home needing remodeling or clients looking for acreage. I can also help guide them to contractors. I pride myself on guiding them. I realize that not everyone has a vision for this work. It is a big challenge for a lot of clients. That is where I come in. People appreciate that if they don’t have it,” said the naturally artistic Gatewood.  

Prior to assisting clients with the design process, Gatewood formulates a plan based on the expectations of her clients.

“I ask them how much freedom, on a scale of one to 10, will I get in staging their home,” she explained. “I respect their comfort level and give them the choice. I also ask them what their real estate goals are. If they want top dollar, I show them how to achieve that through proper staging.”

Again, it is all about working with clients to match their goals. Gatewood’s design approach usually depends on both the personality of the home as well as on the target buyer.

“I work extremely hard and have value for the right clients,” she expressed. “I take the time to get to know people and understand where they are coming from.”

Gatewood also credits two key individuals who work with her on her transactions. Her transaction coordinator, Jennifer Fortune, keeps things running smoothly and efficiently for her clients. Her photographer, Josie Henderson of 1593 Studios, LLC is equally talented and valuable.

“I am surrounded by great people which helps provide my clients with top quality service.”

Gatewood invests her time wisely, not only in her design efforts, but also in the way she represents each client.  

“I am passionate about design and relationships,” she smiled. “I also wear the stress for my clients, so they don’t have to worry as much.  I want the process to be as seamless as possible for them, while achieving their real estate goals.”  

In her free time, Gatewood is a supporter of music and the local live music scene. A singer/songwriter and performer, she is a part of two bands: a two-piece acoustic duo called Beauty and The McBeest, sharing the stage with fellow longtime KC performer Scotty McBee; and KC Prime, a four-piece ensemble Don Desmond, Christy Breau, and John Jones.


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